Deep Discount Madness Returns to Piney Point Village: Megamansion Now 60 Percent Off!

A reader notes that the little Piney Point Village add-on project that TV executive Douglas R. Johnson and his then-wife Melanie bought in 1996 as a 6,000-sq.-ft. starter home is back on the market with a new agent, a new set of photos, and a new price that’s 60 percent lower than the original. But is that an air of desperation wafting up from the listing?


C’mon everybody, that’s more than 23,000 sq. ft. now for only . . . $8 million! What will you do with all the money you save?!!

How about hiring the domestic staff that’s gonna be hard at work dusting and polishing this:


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  • It’s not even $8 million! Merely $7,999,000! I’d love to buy this place but I’m afraid I’d end up baroque.

  • @wilf that was bad! :)
    is this a home or a hotel? For that much money I’d want it to look a bit more homey. Does it come furnished?

  • Good thing the listing agent added that the refrigerator stayed. When I have only have “a few days left” to make the decison to buy a 7.999 million dollar property it darn sure better include the fridge!

  • Indeed.. Let me keep the furniture and I’m in!


  • Oddly enough for me, while the place is wildly overdone in all ways, the tipping point for me was the giant Oscar statues. I threw up in my mouth a little bit at that.

  • Saddam’s palaces aren’t as, um, creatively decorated.

  • Makes my head ache.

  • OK, I never win this, but Im going to guess … Las Vegas.

  • haha Claire de Lune!
    I’d like to see this place left alone for a decade: Vines all over the exterior,
    and, after the racoons break in, moss all over the inside.
    It could be a very educational destination for Scout troops, etc.

  • Would it sell if it was totally empty? Maybe let folks use their own imaginations…

  • What happens after a couple of days? It goes to auction? They better check with Nicolas Cage. Auctions aren’t bringing much. Sometimes they’re not bringing anything. And the banks just sort of hope they can hide another on the books somewhere.

    As for the house, well, the dining room is actually somewhat elegant. The rest, well, is actually somewhat not elegant. The entry for instance looks like it might have been grand. Had they put in a grand pair of staircases instead of what look like library stairs. Maybe they were library stairs and someone bought them at an auction believing they were cute. They are. But grand they are not.

    Once again, sometimes people have more money than taste.

  • Just keeping that place in light bulbs would bust my budget. And just living in it would be a full-time job.

    Movocelot, that’s a great idea. It wouldn’t take long at all to become an evocative ruin, suitable for film shoots as well as Scout troop visits.

  • If they finance I will bought this house, and Convert it to the game room for gamble only