Deep Inside Mission Control

DEEP INSIDE MISSION CONTROL At last, that in-depth, exhaustive tour through the Johnson Space Center’s Building 30 that you’d been waiting for — coffee bars and tiny women’s rooms included: “The corridors look like they should exude the odor of decades of cigarette smoke,” space-travel fan Lee Hutchinson writes, “but the federal government’s ‘no smoking’ policy has been in place long enough that most smell faintly of stale coffee instead.” Bonus: Every console in Apollo-era Mission Control explained — or close enough. [Ars Technica] Photo: Steven Michael

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  • That “Panic” button is so cool – wish I had one on my laptop.

  • Place looks dumpy. Time to move on. I had great memories there, but the past is the past. Let’s build something newer and better. We’re a forward-looking city. Every great building stands where a previous great building once stood. If preservationists had their way, we’d still be riding horses and peeing in outhouses. This is not the highest and best use of this land anymore. The times they are a-changin’.

    If you disagree, why don’t you raise some money and buy the land yourself at market price? Otherwise DON’T expect me to spend my tax dollars to preserve an albatross.