Deer Park: What’s in that Water?

Deer Park Brand Bottled Water

The water in Deer Park has been looking a little cloudy lately:

As Aimee Carroll pours a glass of water at her home in Deer Park, she cringes at the thought of drinking it. She says the nine people living there, including her four children, have all been sick the past few weeks.

“Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting,” she said. “My fourth grader had headaches.”

She was confused by a letter which the city sent out with water bills, saying the water had excessive levels of turbidity, that it that alone has no health effects, but that that the water could contain bacteria, viruses, and even parasites, and that those could cause all the symptoms seen at her house.

No need to worry: It’s not the water. It’s all those silly little things floating in it!

City officials say a container storing a chemical used to treat water for turbidity in Deer Park broke in late September.

Photo of Deer Park brand bottled water (not related): Flickr user Trish Heaps

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  • If the water looked like that, why in the world would they drink it?
    Invest in a Brita filter.

  • you need to get rid of the photo. It is misleading because it shows a DEER PARK spring water bottle. But the story is referring to a city called Deer Park.

  • if chemicals are used to treat deer park water then the water is not 100% natural like the label says

  • it is ironic that i have a number of bottles of deer park water still sealed and it is very murky // cannot see through 1 inch of water at the neck

  • true my uncle just went to the hospital cause he drunk that stupid deer park water didn’t even know