Demo Crew Now Chewing Through Former Miyako, Red Onion, Madras Pavilion Office Complex on Kirby at Norfolk

Demo of 3910 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098

All eyes (well — at least 4) were on 3910 Kirby just north of 59 yesterday as excavators began snacking on the space formerly occupied by South Indian restaurant Madras Pavilion: reader J. Clark captured some sky-high views of the ongoing demolition; another anonymous tipster snapped shots from lower levels and the ground. The Corporate Plaza III building (shown en déshabillé above) also previously housed Central-American restaurant Red Onion and sushi joint Miyako.

A fence has gone up around both Corporate Plaza III and Corporate Plaza II, next door at 3930 Kirby. Demo permits for both structures were issued on Friday, and work began yesterday morning to bring the northern building down. Corporate Plaza I, the taller sibling of the doomed twins, is visible on the right behind the parking garage on the same property:


Demo of 3910 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098

Demo of 3910 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098

Demo of 3910 Kirby Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098

Colliers International listed the 4.21 acres containing all three Corporate Plaza buildings and associated parking at least once (back in 2011),  but no sales have been reported since commercial property management company Yarico bought the properties in 1990.

Ground- and mid-level photos: Swamplot inbox; high-altitude shots: J. Clark


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  • Pity. Madras Pavilion was a favorite of mine for years.

  • Ate at Madras the day they closed a few months ago. The manager assured us that the much maligned Sugar Land location has gotten better especially because their cook would move out there, and he promised that they are scouting for a new location in the loop.

    I have yet to test the former, and I continue to hope the latter would result in a Heights area location.

  • I hope whatever gets built there is not as ugly as what is being torn down.

  • So does anyone know what’s going to happen to all this land and the empty office building?

  • Hmmmm a lot of prime land being cleared…I think we could be seeing something big headed for this site.

  • so what’s going on here? obviously the other developments in this area prove that these lots could be reaped for much greater reward, but surely nobody would do a move this big without something in the pocket.

  • I ate a lot of pineapple salsa and seafood enchiladas there. Sad day.

  • surface parking lot!

  • As a daily viewer of the demolition, our Architect’s Office is finding it very cool…..I used to frequent Miako Sushi there, so I miss it. This morning they began demolition of the garage, with the midrise to follow….we hope they blow it up!! Does anyone know what the plans are for the development going there? Upper Kirby District said that there are no plans right now, that they are aware of, but that the property owner was clearing the land……..if anyone catches what is going to happen there, please post! Whatever the case may be, the ensuing traffice snarls that will result at the Kirby location are going to be more HORRIBLE than the Galleria causing backups from Holcomb all the way past San Felipe on Kirby…..YIKES!