Demolition of 3400 Montrose Building Reaches the Skybar Removal Phase

Demolition of 3400 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, Houston

Demolition of 3400 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, HoustonThe top-down demo of the 10-story building at 3400 Montrose has reached its moment of smooth-jazzy truth. Having taken care of the parking garage in back, demo crews are now hard at work dismantling the 10th-floor portion of the building, which formerly housed Scott Gertner’s Skybar — and before that, Cody’s. These views from across Montrose Blvd. and Hawthorne St. taken yesterday by a Swamplot reader show the south and west portions of the top floor are already gone, and come-aparts are headed for the corner. Hanover is planning to build a significantly taller apartment tower on the site once the 1953 stone-clad structure is gone.

Photo: polyester

The Cody’s, Scott Gertner Liftoff

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  • Shedding a tear on that one. So many great college nights at Cody’s. The most amazing views.

  • Dan – you and me both man. You and me both…

  • Back in the early 1970’s the roof top space used to be a (gay) bar called the Crystal Palace. One night 2 men ( a couple I presume) had a major verbal fight at their home . One went to the Crystal Palace to “cool off”. Anyway his other half followed him up there they got continued sparring and one of the men jumped to his death below along the Hawthorne side of the venue. That is the the TABC forbade any of the later tenants from opening the section along Hawthorne. Obviously when Scott opened Sky Bar ,the TABC had rescinded its ban on using the Hawthorne side of the space. But 3400 had reached the end of it’s useful life cycle and needed to be replaced. Of course , a 30 story glitzy apartment building is jusdt what our development obsessed mayor wants. Read between the lines: Annise Parker wants all of the low end of the economic scale occupants OUT of Montrose and replaced by double income occupants. And lots of shiny, crappy new construction. Of course ,she sits in the highly deed restricted Westmoreland Historic District. Some people think she and Kathy are elitist snobs. Ask her neighbor with the grandfathered in billboard. She wants it gone and Mr. Danielson said ” No “. That chapped her ass big time.