Deshagged, Depaneled, and Despindled, a Tweaked Timbergrove Home Teases the Rentally Minded



Here’s an unfurnished-but-refinished 1962 Timbergrove Manor home that’s seeking a tenant for $3,600 per month. Renovations completed since its last sale, in 2012, transformed the look of the kitchen (at top) and bathrooms at least. Those spaces are the focus of the latest listing — though a view of the redone dining room is included, it’s a pretty tiny photo.



Fortunately, the home’s previous listing provides a better tour of the (former) floor plan: A central entry divides the living and dining-room side from the 3-bedroom lineup along the driveway. The more sparse pics of the current rental listing do show how the updated kitchen is now open to the family room (above). Here’s how that room pairing looked before the overhaul opened things up a bit and ditched the wall, shag carpet, and paneling:


Other featured updates in the rental listing include the 2 full bathrooms. Here’s the master bath now:


And here’s the other full bath, as it currently appears . . .


and as it was in its pre-redo spindle-and-tile period:


Other closeups include the newly spiffy (though fuzzy) master bedroom closet . . .


and utility room:


Meanwhile, in the yard, there’s a new slab patio and zig-zag walkway . . .


leading to the 2-car garage, facing north from the south side of the 9,240-sq.-ft. lot. The street runs between Ella Blvd. and T.C. Jester Blvd. and is 3 blocks south of W. 18th St.


After the Slab Job

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  • I don’t really get the espresso wood finish craze. I thought those super dark finishes were just a way to hide the cheap wood in cheap furniture. When did it become something desirable?

  • Hate to be negative but geez… this is really lowest common denominator stuff. It even LOOKS like the interior of one of the “lux-u-ree” apartments springing up everywhere.

  • Over 40K a year for that _____; me thinks not..

  • I’ve been watching the nearby Oak Forest / Garden Oaks area rental market lately, looking specifically at this style of renovated properties, and have to say I think this is really pushing the envelope price wise. I’m watching closely and if they get it I’ll be happy.

  • Nice remodel I would say it is $600 to $1100 a month over priced

  • Wow that rent amount blows my mind. That is double my mortgage. Do people really pay that much for a small home in a suburban style neighborhood? I’m just thinking that you could afford to buy a really nice place for the same amount and build some equity.

  • @JonB
    Espresso wood is awesome. Maybe it’s a generational thing (I’m on my 30s), but white kitchens are a dime a dozen and lighter wood reminds me of grandma’s.

  • Way overpriced. $2700 maybe.

  • I think the house looks pretty good for the market.
    I’d prefer a redo that’s in keeping with the original, though. Tomorrow’s “MCMs” will be these boom-year ranches with brick exteriors and ash cabinetry, and, they do have their charm.

  • Like others have chimed in, that $3,600/month rent nut is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong: I love Timbergrove Manor and the renovation is very lovely. But, I wouldn’t drop $3,600 per month on a rental.
    If I had to, I’d spend $1,500 on other digs and bank the rest. Luckily, my Inner Loop condo was bought right after the Great Financial Meltdown and I’m not paying anything close to the lower number.

  • Nice rental– but just has everyone else has said– ridiculous price.
    I can understand that rent if it were zoned to good schools. Then you would get nice house, nice schools- thats a deal.

  • For all the complaints about style on this (and many other posts), I’m curious to know what your home looks like? I suspect that it’s particular to your own style and would probably generate a similar amount of negative feedback. The rental price is a little high imo for the neighborhood.

  • Yikes. I have a detached single family with pool in Montrose that I don’t spend that much on (after mortgage/insurance/taxes). If they can get that — more power to them. I don’t see it happening though. Can’t you get a house out there for like ~$150k – $250k? You’d end up with a payment of 1/2 that rental amount.

  • Cody, $150k – $250k for a house in that neighborhood? more like $400k-$450k, maybe more. The house next door just sold for that much as will anything that’s been renovated.

  • They would be better off selling and moving their cash into other properties to flip. Or move the cash into lower end rentals where the returns are better.