Destination XL: Rochester Big and Tall Getting Bigger and Taller

A sign inside the Rochester Big and Tall store at the Uptown Collection strip center on Westheimer at Yorktown describes the new-concept superstore soon to take it over: Destination XL will be “an experience . . . where life, style and size has no boundaries!” Conveniently, exercise equipment store Hest Fitness Products has vacated the space next door. That’ll make it easier for the large-size men’s clothing store to . . . expand: Workers will bust through the wall separating the 2 spaces, and Destination XL will take over all 11,000 sq. ft.


Casual Male Retail Group opened the first Destination XL store (or DXL for . . . um, short) outside Chicago a couple weeks ago; stores in Memphis and Las Vegas are also planned. Big and tall Texans and Rockets are expected at the 5393 Westheimer store’s grand opening on August 26.

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  • Even more reason to get fat, topped out already at 6’1, maybe I should work on my girth. Thank god for the new Wal Mart, bottomless supplies of pork rinds…

  • LOL! This is like when the Candy store on University closed to make room for Lane Bryant!

  • Love the irony of tearing down a fitness store for a fat man’s store.

    I guess we won!

  • Cool. Now I have more room to shop for 18″ neck, 37″ arm length shirts and 38 x 38 pants. Being 6’4″ and 240lbs and incredibly sexy ain’t easy.

    You little girly “men” have it easy with your 32″ inseam pants and too tight medium shirts.

    Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, wimps.

  • I’m still waiting for someone to open a short ‘n skinny store, dangit!