Developers “Not Likely” To Build Homes in Proposed Path of Grand Parkway

Lakes of Avalon Village Subdivision, Spring, Texas

The attorney for Lakes of Avalon Village developer Robert A. Hudson is now saying that economic conditions make it “unlikely” that Lennar Homes and J. Patrick Homes will build on homesites in the path of a new proposed route for Segment F2 of the Grand Parkway in Spring.

But there’s no need to give up hope entirely: Lennar and J. Patrick apparently encountered few difficulties building and selling 60 homes sitting on the new highway’s earlier proposed route, in a different portion of the same subdivision. The developer’s stated reluctance to repeat the trick means the homebuilding market must be pretty tough now.

The new route would swing around the homes that have already been built and into not-yet-developed areas of Lakes of Avalon Village and neighboring Willow Trace.


Lennar and the subdivision’s developer, Robert A. Hudson, worked with the property owners to push the alternative route, [resident association chairman Kenneth] O’Neal said.

In a letter to state and federal officials, Hudson’s lawyer said the alternative alignment was not ideal since the road would pass right through the second section of the Lakes of Avalon Village subdivision.

However, attorney David P. Smith noted the current economic climate made it unlikely that homes would be built there in the next two or three years.

David Gornet, executive director of the Grand Parkway Association, said officials are amenable to the proposed alignment shift, but cautioned it was “not a done deal.”

The proposed new path was considered, but rejected years ago since many more potential homesites would be affected, Gornet said.

However, the plan looks more viable amid assurances from Hudson and the developer of Willow Trace that they are not likely to build homes on those lots in the coming months.

Photo of Lakes of Avalon Village: HAR

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