Did Micro Center Just Sell Its Houston Location to Amegy Bank?

Micro Center, 1717 West Loop South, Houston

The self-proclaimed “industry insider” behind a new office-space rumor website tells Swamplot that it’s “well-known . . . amongst the tenant/landlord representative crowd” that Amegy Bank has purchased the 4.13-acre site at 1717 West Loop South just north of San Felipe that’s currently home to Houston’s only Micro Center store. The owner and would-be seller of the property, according to county tax records, is the Ohio-based parent company of the 47,800-sq.-ft. computer and electronics store, which has been operating in that location since 1994. There is only one other Micro Center location in Texas.


“The property, which is just down the street from [Amegy Bank’s] current office at Five Post Oak Park,” reports the rumor site, “is the supposed site for Amegy to build their own 10-12 story office tower. Rumblings suggest that this move is the result of a lease renewal disagreement between Amegy and their current landlord Shorenstein.”

If the rumor is true, would the computer retailer be looking for another Houston location, or just close up shop here? Swamplot has contacted both Micro Center and Amegy Bank for comment. We’ll add an update if we hear anything back.

Photo: Nick Juhasz

Bank Tower To Squash Computer Store?

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  • My bet is that they’ll close and not open another location in Houston.

  • No………… I hope it doesn’t close. Microcenter is the only computer store in Houston with sane prices and an actual selection of components.

  • It will probably be a permanent closure. Fry’s has three stores catering to the same market and most shoppers in this area just buy online.

    I only go to MicroCenter when I need to pick up something now! Of course Amazon has next day delivery which quick enough for me.

  • I love micro center. Online shopping prices, but in an actual store. Actually you can buy online and pick up in store 15 min later.

  • Oh no! I am hoping, if the report is true, that Microcenter remains in Houston. In my opinion it is the best place in the Houston area to actually get factual data and unbiased opinions on various computer hardware from their friendly staff.

  • MicroCenter has an Apple store within, but not very well staffed. It holds no candles to the Apple stores in HV and the Galleria, not to mention nearby Best Buys. I go to MC to get things like air blasters and those teensy screwdrivers you need for swapping out hard drives. Oh, and mouse pads.

  • Houston’s Microcenter location is the only electronics retailer that is convenient for folks that don’t live way out north, SW or SE. That property has to be worth a chunk though with it’s location on the always barren of traffic West Loop.

  • They should have a great going out of business sale.

  • If they are closing, I hope they relocate. MC is invaluable for finding stuff I need now, rather than buying and shipping.
    even better than Frys. There, I said it.

  • I hope they don’t shut it down. So far I’ve bought two computers, two TVs, and a printer from them. It’s nice to shop at a brick and mortar store where the people actually know what they’re talking about.
    That said, they should relocate. The West Loop is hugely expensive for taxes, and a traffic morass most of the time. Makes more sense for there to be an office building on that site, than a big box retailer.

  • I can’t believe people are missing the obvious…New Amegy bank tower with ground floor Micro Center retail. Duh!

    I too love the MC. Would hate to see it go.

  • I hope this is not true if the do close then there is no real good computer store here and I will have to buy everything online

    Best Buy computer selection is really nothing and it is over priced

    Frys selection kinda sucks and when they have stuff listed in stock online 40% to 50% of the time it is not in stock they do not update website fast enough

    Tiger Direct was ok not great selection prices were decent but they closed like 6 to 8 months ago

  • Aw man, I shop at that store all the time.

  • I never shopped at MC and I typically avoid the big box chain stores. Has anyone been to Directron.com in Westchase? It has no frills but a good source for parts at a great price. Its a little weird since they are a wholeseller but allow you walk up and order from their computer terminals and just pick up there.

  • Here’s the response I got from a posting on their Facebook page:

    Micro Center stores “The Micro Center property has not been sold. Houston is a very strong market for us, and we have no intention of leaving. Our Customers have appreciated our offerings and shopping experience for 20 years, and we can assure them the same and more for years to come”.

  • Micro Center is better than any other computer component retailer in Houston. Their prices surpass Fry’s in every way. I hope this isn’t true, if so, I hope they move to another location. I know their business in Houston good, so there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Everybody seems to be discussing that they purchase computers at MC. Who buys computers these days? My last purchase was in 2008 and I expect it to last for several more years. I do think MC can serve a purpose for those random computer tools/gadgets you might need, but I can’t say that I’d be going to a store these days to purchase a new computer.

  • I really hope that they maintain a Houston location, that’s a prime parcel of land and may well be far too large for their needs. But I really like their rock bottom pricing, selection, and the fact they keep it simple and to the point. Their apple selection trumps the actual Apple store by a wide margin, both in terms of price and selection.

  • Fernando, do you steal your computers? That makes no sense.

  • Micro Center is currently looking at a location on S. Rice across from the Sam’s at Westpark. The location on 610 near San Felipe is closed.

  • Abe, the location is not closed. I went by yesterday.

  • Rumor is true. Micro center in houston will be moving

  • They are opening another store in Houston later this fall.