Digging into the Dirt Around the Old Code Enforcement Building in Midtown

DIGGING INTO THE DIRT AROUND THE OLD CODE ENFORCEMENT BUILDING IN MIDTOWN Soil Testing at 3300 Main St., Midtown, HoustonA soil testing crew was spotted earlier this week boring into the earth adjacent to the city’s 2-story former code enforcement building at 3300 Main St., a block north of where the new MATCH arts center is under construction. The city sold the building to the Midtown Redevelopment Authority in 2011. In November of last year, PM Realty Group said it had put the property under contract, but the transaction does not appear to have been completed yet. Photo: Bob Russell

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  • Looks like they’re doing some environmental testing. I bet the due diligence found some old underground fuel tanks were on the site at some point, and nobody had checked before to see if they had leaked. This is always the last thing that happens before a transaction completes.

  • I have no insider knowledge of this deal, but it’s clear on the face of it that the site has been fouled by the crushed hopes and dreams of a vast number of citizens. And actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were some mass graves here from a genocide forgotten by history or some such thing. A haunting that pre-existed the code enforcement building would explain a lot about what has subsequently gone on there.