Digging Up a Little Dirt on the Uncle Johnny’s Good Cars Lot in Near Northside

1901 N. Main St., Near Northside, Houston, 77009

Chris Andrews has caught a few snapshots of what appears to be a soil sampling crew at work at 1901 N. Main St., formerly the site of Uncle Johnny’s Good Cars. Most of the 37,679-sq.-ft. property, occupying the block on the east side of N. Main between Hogan and Gargan streets (including the 1950s auto shop and the next door 1930s Beer’s Building), was transferred to a legal entity called Cerveza Four in May of 2015. Shortly thereafter, Keller Williams Realty posted the cheerily-soundtracked video listing below showing the ins and outs of the property, nestled between the Casa De Amigos city health clinic to the south and the former home of Alamo Thrifty Bail Bonds (now bike shop HAM Cycles 2) across Gargan:


The property has most recently been listed for sale for $1.39 million by Monte L. Tinkham Properties, which suggests the land and space be used for retail, fast food, or medical endeavors. Here’s a few more shots of the site, located between the Quitman Near Northside and Burnett TC/Casa de Amigos light-rail stops:

1901 N. Main St., Near Northside, Houston, 77009

On the far left above, the mural on the side of the HAM cycles shop across Hogan is visible. Here’s the property looking north up N. Main at the side of the 1950s car warehouse building:

1901 N. Main St., Near Northside, Houston, 77009

Photos: Chris Andrews

Video: Keller Williams Realty

Movement on N. Main

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  • I think in the next ten years the Near Northside neighborhood will change a lot. With METRORail and the closeness to downtown it’s ripe for new development. Maybe the next EaDo? Residentially speaking.