Dirk’s Coffee on Montrose Is Shutting Down Today

DIRK’S COFFEE ON MONTROSE IS SHUTTING DOWN TODAY Dirk's Coffee, 4005 Montrose Blvd. at Branard, Montrose, HoustonThe Dirk’s Coffee drive-up spot on the corner of Montrose and Branard is closing its business today, reports Eater’s Darla Guillen — along with a number of disappointed caffeine-starved fans on Twitter and Facebook. Opened as an outpost of the Diedrich Coffee chain in the mid-aughts mid-nineties, the 4005 Montrose Blvd. location changed its name to Dirk’s Coffee a few years ago after its former parent company exited the retail hot-brew-serving business. “No word yet on why they’re closing, if they’re moving to a new location or if they plan to rebrand yet again,” writes Guillen. Swamplot reader (and social media director at the mayor’s office) Melissa Ragsdale Darragh notes a Dirk’s employee confirms that they will close at the end of the day today: “He stated they would love to reopen at a new location in the future however nothing is planned at this time.”  [Eater] Photo: Jazi H.

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  • It used to be a KFC, when first built.

  • Future townhomes?

  • That’s a great location. If i had an investor I’d open up the most awesome coffee place in the world there.

  • Shame they’re leaving, good coffee. Parking was always an issue though, never enough spaces.

  • Dirks * I cringe saying that name* was never that great to begin with. No parking, hardly anywhere to sit. The old Diedrichs on Hazard was amazing back in the day. Good riddance Dirks with your horrible name.

  • A lot of HSPVA students are in mourning. And deep caffeine withdrawal.

  • Social Media director for the mayor! Moving up in the world!

  • Dirk’s closing will be good for business at Siphon soon to open just a couple blocks away. It will be the new walking-distance coffee shop doing big business with HSPVA kids after school.

  • Oh, the neighborhood, she is a changing. And I am not sure in a good way.

  • Not to pile on, but this place already “died” after the name change and closing of the Hazard location (both not their falt as I recall, but still). Luckily for us in this area, we have several awesome walking distance coffee shops to pick up the slack.

  • Oh no! What’s going to happen to the Geezer Committee on Values that sat in front (weather permitting) every morning to discuss the General Decline of Civilization while ogling the St Thomas chicks?

  • That Diedrich location opened earlier than the mid-aughts … it was already open when I moved into the neighborhood in 2001.

  • Diedrich’s opened in 1996. I was a freshman at the University of St. Thomas and some industrious employee walked across Montrose and handed out free, refillable travel mugs. I had never had coffee, but I was swayed.

  • Sorry… 1992!

  • Had they recently changed ownership? Like in the last year or so? Why had they stopped being open at night, and selling coffee beans?

  • Dirk’s coffee has sucked for some time, and their hours have sucked for some time. I’ve been hoping they would close so they can re-open as something that is actually good. I live right across the street and for the last few years I would rather walk 10 minutes to Southside Espresso than go to Dirk’s. I really want to have a good coffee shop in this part of Montrose though.

  • Yes, I remember Diedrichs opening in the mid-1990’s, right?