Discovery Green Odor Alert

DISCOVERY GREEN ODOR ALERT “‘Over the past month or so you may have noticed a slight farm-like odor on the grounds,’ [Discovery Green] has told supporters by e-mail. ‘In May, DG began a new organic fertilization program that is going to help improve soil biology so that this 100% man-made park can start building a healthier, richer ecosystem. We’re bringing the earthworms back.’ DG’s Claudia Morlan tells Hair Balls they haven’t gotten any smell complaints yet, but wanted to be ‘pro-active’ in addressing the issue. ‘DG will be fertilizing on the lawn spaces every other month with a light layer of organic compost fertilizer made by a company called EarthWorks,’ the announcement said. ‘The park staff will do their best to work around the programming schedule and fertilize on days that have little or no activities.’” [Hair Balls]

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