Breaking Up with the Art Guys

BREAKING UP WITH THE ART GUYS Will the newest installation at the Menil Collection be a hole in the ground? The Art Guys were told last week that the museum intends to remove the live oak they “married” in 2009 in “The Art Guys Marry a Plant,” a public ceremony at the Lillie and Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden at the MFA,H. The museum acquired the tree in 2011 and held another public ceremony when it was planted in Menil Park on Branard St.; the little site (shown at right) backs up to the bamboo grove walling off the park from the Rothko Chapel and Barnett Newman’s “Broken Obelisk.” [Houston Press] Photo: Robert Boyd

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  • When did marrying a tree cease being a publicity stunt and become ‘Art’ ? This is only slightly more interesting than their previous escapade of criss-crossing the country wearing suits with advertising space on them. And Still not sure how or why we hold these two locals to the ‘art’ standard that we do. And we let them immortalize themselves in bronze at UH ? Insert here.

  • Shows how lame the Houston “art” scene is.

  • When you’re married to a tree, at least you should not have a problem getting wood.

  • I live across the street, it was already gone this morning with nothing but a different shade of grass to mark it. My dog was sad and seemed confused as to where to pee, she’s a huge art lover.

  • She still has the big Mark Di Suvero to pee on…