Do Not Resuscitate; Move to Harwin

DO NOT RESUSCITATE; MOVE TO HARWIN A reader who’s been intermittently monitoring the vital signs of the DNR European Cafe and Deli in Chelsea Market on Montrose reports that the restaurant has closed: “There is a sign out front announcing the impending opening of a new restaurant called ‘Chelsea Grill.'” Meanwhile, a notice on DNR’s listing at restaurant website B4-u-eat notes that DNR will be opening “soon” at 10400 Harwin Dr. [Swamplot inbox]

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  • DNR’s food was decent, but oftentimes it looked like the owner’s friends and family were dropping in for a free eat moreso than actual customers. Almost zero advertising, no wonder theyre relocating. Also, the interior felt very fast-foodish and less like a neighborhood cafe, could have been a lot better with little effort, perhaps they’ll have better luck on Harwin. Wish Fende was more like this place and less like, well, itself…

  • While the food wasn’t bad, the place suffered from a confused identity, like it couldn’t decide what it wanted to be. European? Turkish? Fast food? Cafe?

  • DNR’s location is one of those “cursed” locations. I worked in that area for a while. The only thing that was ever successful was the Buteras that was there back in the 80’s-early 90’s. Perhaps Swamplot could do a spread on the “cursed” locations that never seem to have success keeping a tenant.

  • Always thought DNR was the tackiest name for a restaurant so close to the med center. Would never, ever eat there.

  • Cursed restaurant locations are a fun game! It’s probably due to feng shui. The old Hard Rock Cafe/Fire + Ice. Pizzeria Uno/Corelli’s/Floridita/Tommy Bahama/Sushi King. Sausalito/Palazzo’s/Pan Y Agua/some wine bar. Serrano’s/Los Tonyo’s/Fox Diner/Crome/Pravada. Renata’s/Hessni’s/Side Street Brewing/Mia Bella

  • Every time I saw that sign I thought of Do Not Resuscitate also. Used to eat at the Butera’s all the time way back when but that place just never looked inviting especially since I thought of a heart attack every time I saw the name.

  • With regards to Renata’s/Hessni’s/Side Street Brewing/Mia Bella, it was also Te Amo between Hessni’s and Side Street Brewing. At least now, there are two restaurants there, Mia Bella and Saffron.