Doctors Without Borders: Kelsey Seybold Clinic Taking Over Pole Position at Meyerland Plaza

Does the conversion of 2 former Borders Books locations (or at least part of them) into some sort of medical facility constitute a trend? Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates is building a clinic in the former Borders mezzanine space in the not-in-River-Oaks Centre at River Oaks at the corner of West Alabama and Kirby. And Kelsey-Seybold announced yesterday it’ll be turning the former Borders store in Meyerland Plaza — along with the long-vacant Planet Music space above it — into a new medical clinic and pharmacy. Of the 72,000 sq. ft. in the new “Multi-Specialty Care Center,” 27,000 will be used as warehouse space, according to a company press release.


Page Southerland Page is designing the transformation of the space from inverted-mall anchor to medical shopping zone.

Renderings: Page Southerland Page, via Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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  • Wow looks great.

  • Boring :( Too bad these great spaces couldn’t of had something more interesting take over. And the fact that Ulta will be downstairs at the Alabama location is sort of disappointing too.

  • Seriously?

    Meyerland couldn’t find ANY other retailers interested? (H&M?? Forever 21?? Something new and fun?) And K-S needed a branch location, what, 3 miles away from the main campus?

    “Gee honey, let’s run by K-S and get your flu shot before we go to Penney’s to buy underwear.”)

  • @collen guess not. Thats why it sat vacant so long.

  • I love the cut and paste people in the photos, especially the man and woman in the suits (same pose, same people, different floors). To make it more realistic, they should include more crying babies, confused old folk, and unattentive mothers – that’s what I usually see at the doctor’s office.

  • I miss Borders … the Meyerland store was convenient on so many levels. Ulta will be a nice addition to the space on Alabama, however. I don’t like dealing with the Galleria nonsense to get to the one on Richmond.

  • Because medical facilities make way more money than retail, and with much better profit margins. No one really goes in there and comparison shops how much it will be to treat their symptoms versus the medical facility just down the street.

  • I didn’t know that a children’s hospital was going into the old Borders Kirby/W.Alabama location. What about the fish restaurant that went bye-bye along with borders?

  • Last I heard, Pesce’s space will be taken by Brio Tuscan Grille…

  • That will be the most expensive warehouse space in Houston.

  • Doctors without Borders