Does Your Home Belong in a Museum?

Showing at the Contemporary Arts Museum next May: a main-gallery exhibit featuring portions of a Houston home dissected and reconstructed by Houston’s favorite teardown artists. DD Demo, aka Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, has a collection of demolition artworks to its credit, but the pair’s most famous sculpted wreck was the 2005 funnel-shaped bungalow disassembly on Montrose shown here, which became popular enough for the Inversion Coffee Shop now on the site to be named after it.

Havel and Ruck’s CAM work, though, needs a willing victim: another home they can pick apart. The leftovers, Havel says, “could be visited as an off site space during the run of the show.”

Havel asks Swamplot:

Are there any developers/architects you or your members may know that may have a lead on a house? Preferably, it should be an older house, wood bungalow type with ship lap wall construction. We would like to secure a teardown soon that would be scheduled for teardown in June. This project would have high visibility in the press and would give owner/developer/architect press and exposure if they want it.

Couldn’t they just stalk a condemned house and do something like this on the sly?


Yeah, they could . . .

We also have a piece from our Trespass series on display right now at the MFA, where we clandestinely helped ourselves to chunks of a tear down property to make the sculpture. We would like to use a tear down house with permission from owner for the CAM show so they will get credit and public could see both the sculpture at the CAM and the host house where the pieces came from.


Photo of Inversion, Montrose Blvd., 2005: Bryan Peters [license]

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  • Cool! I remember the inversion on Montrose very well.

    It a nice way to demolish a home by giving it one last hurrah! before the final demolition.

    Maybe Weingarten can have these guys do something before the River Oaks Theatre comes down!