Dogwood Houston Opening Soon in Midtown

Former star of The Bachelor and Austin bar mogul Brad Womack is ready to open Dogwood Houston: The renovations — including a second-story patio to give the drinkers a view of the skyline — to the former Post Edge Mailing Services building at 2403 Bagby are nearing completion, according to the bar’s Facebook page; Dogwood will be the first foray into Houston by the man who once dumped Emily Maynard over the phone; he’s part of Austin’s Carmack Concepts, which runs Sixth St. bars Chuggin’ Monkey, Dizzy Rooster, Molotov, and, of course, Dogwood.


According to a February 28 post on Dogwood Houston’s Facebook page, the bar (shown in the photo directly above from Bagby St. near the Metro Midtown Apartments) is expected to open by mid-March. But Dogwood, adds Eater Houston’s Eric Sandler, is just one of 3 bars opening in Midtown this spring. The other two will be Worhals Midtown at 2016 Main St. and Capitol Bar at 2415 Main St., which opens tonight.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Could this be the reason the BRB is being closed? The two properties adjoin each other…

  • Another hipster joint. enough of the selfserving breed. I’m ready to move out of Midtown cause of all the ill mannered young biz types down here. No respect for neighborhood ,property(dog poo) and noise!


  • Midtown = home of the thirty thousand dollar millionaires

  • Re: Mike d comment:the self-important, young, we “think” we’re hot doodoo,wanna be exec types -Have NO class, manners,anything. Superdave: the BRB was bought by the people who own/run a bar on(wait for it) Washington Ave! God only knows what they’ll do with the property: probably tear it down. The building is over 100+ years old. Time for it to go.But some of what is being opened in Midtown SUCKS. And not in a good way either.