Doors Open Early at the Highland Village Apple Store: Your First Peek Inside

Lines aren’t forming outside Houston’s first non-mall Apple Store, and the glass on the front on back facades are still blacked out and protected — it’ll be a little while before the building at the corner of Westheimer and Drexel in the Highland Village Shopping Center is ready for business. But passersby were treated recently to a few glimpses of the store’s innards. Because it will be Apple’s first glass-roofed store with both front and rear entrances, you can expect the interior to turn out a bit different from other local locations.

Here are a couple of sneak peek views snapped through open doors and leaked to Swamplot:


Since last week’s unveiling, the construction fence has come down as well. Here’s the view from the rear:

Photos: Vinson (top photo); Swamplot inbox (all others)

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  • Glass roof plus a glass front and back? That sucker is gonna be a bitch to air condition.

  • The massing of this building looks like something I did in 2nd year architecture school.

  • You want a preview of what the interior is going to look like? Just visit any other Apple store in the Houston area – from the crowds, they all look like someone kicked over an anthill. I’ve been to one on a rainy Thursday morning (when the mall had more employees than shoppers) but there is always about 100 folks in an Apple store! Not surprisingly, they have the highest sales per sq. footage in the world.

  • seriously, who really cares what the interior of the new apple store is going to look like?

  • Because of the potential severe parking problem, I had heard that there might be a shuttle from another location; however, I can’t see that happening. What I can see is that all the numerous stores along Westheimer getting completely bent-out-of-shape over the thousands (including myself) that will gravitate to the store for the opening day.

  • I live close enough that I rather walk to Highland Village. The traffic is bad everyday. Wait until they build the highrise on Weslayan and Alabama…..oh boy.