Doubling the Possibilities in an Eastwood Cottage

Over in Eastwood, an updated-awhile-ago 1938 Craftsman-style home 4 blocks from Metro’s coming East End rail line presents a bit of a decision. Which of the 2 cheery and cherry-red doors off the front porch leads into the living room?


Judging by the corner-ending windows in the curtained-off front room (above), it’s probably the one on the left. The vinyl-sided property, originally a duplex, was put on the market over the weekend for $275,000. The listing’s dark photos are a bit light on interior peeks. The “country kitchen” (below) gets a shout-out, however, as do the home’s original hardwood floors and higher-than-your-typical-bungalow ceilings.

That’s pretty much it. The listing describes the 3,026-st.-ft. home as having 4 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms (including a claw-foot tub), and a utility room. Most of the rooms appear to be 11 ft. wide, except for the 13-ft.-by-15-ft. master. HCAD indicates a 2000 remodeling.

Meanwhile, there’s a 2-story apartment. It appears to run the home’s width at the back of the 5,350-sq.-ft. lot, and leaves a smidge of lawn-covered easement to the back fence (above). Inside, there’s a kitchen and loft:

The home’s setback and some strategically placed landscaping behind the iron fence captures the front yard for R&R beyond the porch:

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  • I appreciate that Eastwood has houses developed by the same person who developed The Heights, however Eastwood is in the barrio/ghetto, it’s dangerous as hell. I get that it’s very close to Downtown and it’s in the Loop, but it’s just to dicey, it was bad before all the Katrina refugies swamped it, I had a friend who lived off Cullen and the crime went thru the roof, he was carjacked in his driveway and later broken into, he since moved to The Heights–he took a beating on his Craftsman Bungalow, but he just wanted to get the Hell out of there–

  • Shannon, hon, I get that you’re attempting to establish yourself as a swamplot alpha, all full of opinions about hi-rise style, etc, but you’re out of touch when it comes to this neighborhood.
    I’ve lived 2 doors down from this place for 6 years, and would be happy to share insights with anyone actually interested.

  • Shannon, your comments on here usually make me chuckle. You do realize that if this blog was around in the 90s, you would have posted the.exact.same.thing about Woodland Heights? And then you likely would have commented that it would be a ripoff to pay $200k for a house in that ghetto. You seem oblivious to the fact that not all of the inner loop was exactly as it is now. Did you live here in the 80s and 90s?

  • Yeah, its too dangerous. I have friends that live there and break-ins and crime are a problem

  • JD, you are too kind. Absent a few blocks, most of the heights is still considered the ghetto on the outskirts of the real parts of the city (at least to native houstonians). Wasn’t it the Smithsonian magazine author two weeks ago that began her article with how she was robbed after being in the heights for less than five minutes.

  • Lol, Crush, please, it’s hardly in you’re best interest to admit your neighborhood is at best sketchy on the whole, hon–checkout the app SpotCrime Lite (it’s free, dear), type in your address, then get back to me about the safety of your neighborhood, hon;)–as for Woodland Heights, it was always on the right side of downtown, not far from Memorial Park and River Oaks–what’s Eastwood close to–the train tracks–warehouses–the ghetto that surrounds UH–honestly, I’d love to see it turn around, but please to compare the future of Eastwood to the Heights is a stretch to say the least–

  • Sigh!…Keep holding on to those tired, lame, old perceptions of the East End Shannon. You sound like so many other snobbish Houstonians who haven’t set foot in the area in years yet claim to know all about it. I’ve lived in Second Ward, Eastwood’s northern neighbor, for over five years now and have seen nothing but improvement in my immediate area, so much improvement that a Heights based custom home builder is overhauling the property next door to me! What I haven’t witnessed is all this “dicey, thru the roof crime” you claim is so rampant here. But that’s okay, people like me and the other “pioneers” who shun those false perceptions will keep buying up homes here in the East End until one day those perceptions disappear and people like you are eating their words. It happened to Montrose and The Heights.

  • Nice new knobs in the country kitchen.

  • C’mon folk! Leave Shannon and his/her ilk alone in their beliefs. The urban pioneers always need the crowd that pays full retail to come in behind their efforts!

  • As JD said, with the exception of the word “Katina”, Shannon’s post #1 could have been written in 1987 about Montrose, or in 1994 about The Heights. In 1977, he would have been singing the praises of Sharpstown or Braes Meadows and how safe those neighborhoods were, and located oh so close to the fabulous Sharpstown Mall and it’s huge Foley’s store.
    Times change. Neighborhoods evolve.

  • Loving those cherry-red doors!

  • Eastwood isn’t much worse regarding crime than The Heights. I’ve lived in Woodland Heights for a little over 4 years, I would have no problem living in Eastwood. This place isn’t very nice and it is still $275k… thats a bit of an indicator in itself.

  • When the amateurs are screaming, “Sell!”, smart$ is buying.

    A lot of square footage with the apt for the price and it’s older than 1938 for sure.

  • Here’s an idea, take your bike out to Eastwood this weekend and ride from Dumble Street to BBVA (through Eastwood to the East end) and come back here and post your thoughts, I’m willing to bet each and every one of you will realize this is a neighborhood quickly changing for the better. I only wish I had invested here a few years ago. Sure UH has bad areas adjacent but last time I checked most of the inner loop has slums within walking or riding distance. Am I the only one on this great blog who thinks most of the posters still live w/ their parents?

  • All, Shannon might be dreadfully wrong, but as someone who has no love of NIMBY elites, I have no want for the perception to change. I like being able to safely ride my bike on Leeland without so much traffic, and certainly it’s nice to ride without people who feel my bike doesn’t belong on ‘their’ roads. I like the fiesta, and I like the Kroger just the way they are. If you would move into my neighborhood and don’t like any of these things, just stay away.

  • Used to rent in Montrose about 3 years ago…4-plex on Hawthorne broken into in the middle of the day. Since then I’ve had my car broken into twice while parked in Montrose. Lived by Mason Park about 2 years now…home broken into once (so far).

    We live in a gigantic city…crime will be an issue regardless. Suburbs are becoming no different. If only we had some sort of group of individuals who prevent and investigate/resolve some of these issues.

  • Trulia has a great crime map that shows violent and non-violent crime across Houston and includes a list of the individual crimes committed and the dates. Greater Heights and Greater Eastwood look to be pretty similar. Also their proximity to other, more violent areas are similar, as well…

  • Katrina refugees causing crime in Eastwood? I’ve officially heard it all.

  • Geez, then all of you “urban pioneers” please move to Eastwood–turn it around, prove me wrong, what do I care–