Homeless Encampment Ban Goes Into Effect; Updating Greenway Plaza

Photo of 1210 Bayport Blvd.: Patrick Feller via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • What’s so amusing about a shark attack?

  • So the plan to end homeless encampments by banning them passes with flying colors. One major problem though, where in the hell are they going to go? It would have seemed wise to have alternatives in place before. The idea that crime is running wild through the camps could be due to the fact TDC and HCSD are releasing criminals on to our streets, it could also be our mental health officials. I can’t count how many visibly mentally ill persons, some with their hospital band still on, I see walking downtown or on the trains. Basically these “do gooders ” are trying to sweep undesired people under the cities’ shiny new East side rug. But name a major city that doesn’t have a transient or homeless population? You want to stop public urination and defication? Build more public restrooms. You wanna spread out the homeless population? Open up the parks. I mean we spend millions on parks that close at 11pm. Millions on parks and dog parks that people use in avg just a few hours of the day. There will be literally millions of backpackers travelling through Europe and Asia this summer. Most will be staying in hostels or ACTUALLY CAMPING OUT all over major cities. But Houston, the city building hundreds, potentially thousands of miles of green space, outlaws CAMPING. For second just think of the city had camp grounds, I think a lot of people, who have homes would try it. Before sprawl there were campgrounds close in. Now there called homeless encampments. We are no where near being a cosmopolitian city. We outlaw CAMPING, sex neutral bathrooms, sanctuary for foreigners, we build “master plan” communities in flood plains. We build 30 lane freeways that are outdated from the moment concrete is poured. No Mayor Turner and city council persons, you are not leaders or problem solvers. You are janitors, letting the rug with your left hand and sweeping with your right.

  • Photographer, Patrick Fuller, may have found this unusual structure on RT 146 on the way to Galveston. It’s wonderfully weird.

  • @ Darby, Yeah, I always loved seeing that building off 146 as a kid (I assume during a lot of trips to T bone toms). Even as a kid it seemed unique, but only as you get older do you understand the true scarcity of Y-junctions in a city like Houston.

  • @simply sid… was really with you on a structured city camp ground until your argument devolved into a call for a bundle of other wacky regressive liberal ideas as if they are all necessary for the success or in any way related to another. And please, are you implying that we should endeavor to have transients/travelers camping out all over our city whilst enjoying their summer vacation?

  • The article says the probability of a recession is less than 1 percent!?!? Ok then, I wonder what happens when the probability equals that of the definition of a black swan…or is that not how this works?!

  • Sid- Sorry, we don’t want a bunch of drug addicted bums in our parks. They wouldn’t leave during the day. Think.

  • @Darby @joel in its history it’s been both a taco shack and a tax preparer. Not sure what it is today.

  • Re: Homeless Encampment Ban
    I cannot empathize with Simply Sid’s screed on coddling the homeless. I’ve said it before: much cheaper to give each homeless person a one-way bus pass to Amarillo. They have room up there in the Panhandle.