Downtown Is About To Get a Rise Out of Hines’s New 47-Floor Office Tower HQ on the Houston Chronicle’s Old Texas St. Block

Dump trucks are now filing onto the barricaded block once home to the Houston Chronicle building — and more recently a parking lot — at Texas and Travis to start laying the foundation for Hines’s new 47-floor tower and soon-to-be new global headquarters. The photo above views the traffic from way up on the 31st floor of the site’s catty-corner northeast neighbor Aris Market Square — which the new building will overtop along with pretty much everything else nearby except the Chase Tower directly south of it. Law firm Vinson & Elkins will occupy the building’s top 7 floors.

A series of glassed-in atria shown in the rendering above from architecture firm Pelli Clarke Pelli hang out along the structure’s edge facing Milam St. Viewed from closer up, you can even see some people and trees inside them looking out on what’s below:


A shared 12th-floor garden is where the majority of the building’s plant life will vegetate:

(It’s shown above backed by an imagined adjacent tower on the vacant block directly north owned by Theater Square — the group a judge ordered Hines to pay earlier this year after finding that the developer unjustly impeded it from accessing tunnels underneath the now-under-construction office tower.)

Two other on-site green spaces will be exclusive to particular tenants, none of which — besides the anchors — have been announced yet. However, Hines’ plans do call for a coworking space to fill part of the building’s second story along with a neighboring fitness center.

At ground level, there’s also this planned carousel-like chamber — “tentatively being called the Urban Pavilion,reports Nancy Sarnoff — that the developer wants to plant at Travis and Milam, catty-corner to Jones Hall:

It’ll play host to a daytime cafe and nighttime wine bar, while also moonlighting as an event space when necessary.

Renderings: Hines. Photo: Kyle Bostic

Dump Truck Parade

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