Downtown Parking Lot Beside Buffalo Bayou Coming Up for Grabs

This Commerce St. parcel of property will be up for auction on February 14, reports Real Estate Bisnow‘s Catie Dixon. Owned by Cushman & Wakefield, says Dixon, the Downtown lot bound by Elysian and Austin is almost 29,000 sq. ft. of surface parking — for now, anyway — that stares at Minute Maid Park. Maybe the most important detail is that the lot backs up to Buffalo Bayou . . .


Comparing the maps above, you can see that the property being auctioned (in red on the top map) lies near what the Buffalo Bayou Partnership has marked “Gable St Landing” (above), part of the plan to rehab the old Gable Street Power Plant and transform Commerce St. into a pedestrian promenade along the water.

Images: Buffalo Bayou Partnership (Downtown map); Hudson & Marshall (others)

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