Downtown’s Finn Hall Names First Food Vendor; A New Tool for Tracking Hurricane Recovery Spending

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  • Re: Governor’s Office Releases Real-Time Online Tally of Harvey Relief Spending
    Wonder how much money goes into fighting gay marriage and women’s health care. Gotta keep those traditional values going!

  • @HEBIsBetterThanKroger, gotta get out there and keep voting, this Texas theocratic dictatorship akin to Iran won’t last much longer.

  • Re: Governor’s Office Releases Real-Time Online Tally of Harvey Relief Spendin ….

    I wonder how much taxpayer money they wasted on this piece of cra_. Some Republican politician’s family member was probably paid millions.

  • HEB: I’d assume $0 is spent by the Texas government to fight gay marriage or “women health care” (who fights ‘womens heath care’?)
    So there ya go. $0
    Sorry if that takes away from your boggie man.

  • Ah, sweet Cody. He’s my next husband . . . he just doesn’t know it yet. Of course, that’s only if Memebag won’t have me.

  • @ Cody …. the Republicans make a living out of attacking both gays AND women’s health care. Where have you been for the last 10-12 years?

  • @ Cody, perhaps you are unaware that Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office is currently litigating a suit that claims that just because the Supreme Court said there was a right to same sex marriage under the Equal Protection clause, it doesn’t mean that Texas state or local governments may confer spousal benefits such as insurance to same sex married couples. The AG’s office was successful in getting the Texas State Supreme Court to re-hear the case and secured a victory. The case is now being appealed in Federal District Court. So yeah, they really are spending tax money fighting gay marriage in 2018.

  • @Queso please: Mrs. Bag says “no”.

  • WR: life long Republican here. I’ve never “attacked gays” (I’m actually wearing my “Marriage is so gay” shirt — sort of funny I thought).
    And if by “womens health care” you mean abortion, yes. More republicans (by %) than dems support limits or a ban on abortion but it’s not unanimous in either direction on either party. I know pro life Dems and I know pro choice republicans. But if you’re not talking about abortion, then I have no idea what attack on ‘womens health care’ is really code for. I know a lot of republicans. I don’t know any that try to ‘attack womens health’.
    Shady: “they” is a bit broad to paint everyone based on what’s happening there. Republicans had a gay speaker in prime time at the convention (I think that’s the first time that’s ever happened). And I think Trump (sadly, the “head” of the republican party) was the first president to run while supporting gay marriage. Obama was against it. And Bill Clinton was aginst it. Hillary supported it in this last election cycle but since she didn’t win, I won’t count her as the first *president* to support it while running.
    Speaking of woman, I think Kellyanne was the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign. Though since she’s the “wrong party”, that doesn’t really get discussed as an achievement.

  • Cody, I’m not sure that he’s “sadly” the head of the party although I don’t agree with everything he says or does. Competing with, instead of dropping our pants to the rest of the world will be better for everyone including immigrants. To snowflakes it’s like their parents finally booted them out of the house and it’s kind of scary.