U-Haul Picking Up Right Where It Left Off at the Corner of San Jacinto and Pease St.

A Swamplot reader perched up in the SkyHouse Main Apartments has been documenting the evolving scene 3 blocks away from his living room, where the block once home to U-Haul Moving and Storage of Midtown at San Jacinto now completely demolished — is now giving rise to a larger, replacement U-Haul building. The photo at top looks east down Pease St. to show workers planting the earth with beams for the new structure. On the left, you can see what the previous moving and storage building looked like during its final stand at the end of last year.

The demolished building consisted of 28,376 sq.-ft. for self-storage, moving supplies retail, and truck parking. Building permits filed for its replacement indicate it’ll be 220,160-sq.-ft.:


Photos: Matt Stone

Downtown Block 348

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  • Really? U-Haul couldn’t just get an old warehouse east of downtown?

  • U-Haul has likely owned this land outright since you and I weren’t upright walking on this earth. The only carry they would have is a cheap office construction note. That’s probably about the same as renting in an undesirable area for their customers.

    Oh, and their business in Texas is booming more than any state, while this $110/foot land likely goes up 50%+ over the next decade.

    Yep, U-Haul is just fine staying here.