Downtown’s Live Sports Bar Will Be Coming Back from the Dead, Sort Of

Future and Past Home of Live Sports Bar, 405 Main St., Downtown Houston

Be careful not to confuse these life-and-death downtown bar stories: As we learned this morning, the Live! at Bayou Place bars are now dead. But the Live Sports Bar (no exclamation point!), which died back in 2009 at 405 Main St. is about to be resurrected. But in name and address only: A Live Sports Bar — same name, but with different owners — will be opening up in a slightly smaller version of the original space (4,000 sq. ft., marked down from 6,140) across from the Preston St. light-rail stop sometime in the next few months, once the buildout is complete. A Swamplot reader captured the above photo showing the new head-turning banner now posted out front.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Same Name, Same Spot, Different Owners

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  • Yes Im glad were getting a sports bar back on main…I wish they had a ton of these around minute maid and toyota center

  • There’s the one or two next to MMP and isn’t there another one kind close to TC? There’s still SO MUCH room for growth on the east side of downtown, especially SOUTHEAST downtown. If I was a developer I’d build a private dorm/college living apartment. Offer 12 month leases from August to July and market it to STUDENTS…..UH, Rice, South TX Law, HCC, med school, etc. And with METRORail pretty much all of them could get wherever they needed to go by walking.

  • I can’t wait for this sports bar to open up. We need at least 1 in downtown and I think this will do it. Hoping it’ll be ready for the football season.

  • Slowly but surely Main Street Downtown of Houstonis rising up once again. This time around it looks solid. With more than 20 high rise buildings are being built all over downtown. The new rail will start sooner than I expected. With many more bars and restaurants opening up like Live Sports Bar, Boiva … Very soon Downtown might be the destination for locals and visitors.

  • Grand Opening March 4!