Droubi Brothers Taken from the Streets Downtown

There’s a lockout notice posted to the front door of the ground-floor retail space of the 1100 Smith Garage Downtown on the corner of Dallas St. and Brazos St. Droubi Brothers Mediterranean Grill, at 507A Dallas St. — shown open in the older photo above — is now closed; the restaurant’s website has been taken down.

Here’s the notice:


Photos: Farrah A. (streetfront); Swamplot inbox (notice)

Shawarma Gone

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  • That’s too bad. I work across the street and I’ve spoken with the owner many times, and he believes that the extended Allen Center construction really hurt business. I’m sure he’s correct, so it sucks that now that the construction is essentially complete the restaurant has to close.

  • I’m not buying it, he’s been moving locations several times over the last few years and had lawsuits by suppliers and even filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago. At this point, it’s not the location, it’s him.

  • Uh, no. He has been in this location for nearly 15 years. . . .

  • commonsense…use that common sense of yours and tell me what the downtown office market over there looks like, with Hess and others moving out, along with the aforementioned Allen Center project and tell me that was a busy location of late.

    Spout off about something you know more about.

  • He was on Polk @ Smith at one point, in the Tunnels at another point.

  • Wasn’t the current Dimassi’s in the tunnel a former location for Droubi’s?

  • Never really cared for that place. Once you have Niko Niko’s (at Market Square) you’d never eat Droubi Bros again.

  • different owners.

    The restaurant business is tough downtown, that’s for sure, but spouting off incorrectly about things that you’re not aware of is a bit reckless.