Dunlavy Street Legal: The Home Law Office

Ever wondered what a little duplex on Dunlavy might look like done up as . . . say, a personal injury law office? So, apparently, did the folks at the Manginello Law Firm. Thanks to the go-getters in that firm, all the heavy furniture lifting has been done for you. And now, thanks to the partners’ apparent eagerness to move on to a different sort of space, the firm’s bang-up legal interiors work is on display. It’s all featured in this new for-sale listing:


The property includes 5 to 7 bedrooms private office suites and 3 bathrooms even-more-private office suites. Plus this kind of welcome:

Those of you concerned about workplace injuries will find plenty of room for parking and basketball in the paved-over back yard. But what sort of representation does that $600K asking price include?

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  • A few random thoughts:

    1. Lawyers like covered parking. So do I. If I’m dropping $600k on an office, it damn sure better have covered parking.

    2. $600k? Dream on.

    3. If your business requires office space, it’s almost always better to lease it. Time change. Businesses grow. Businesses shrink. Business needs change. Owning is too permanent for most businesses.

    4. I have that exact same Super Bowl XXXVIII poster framed on my office wall.

  • agree with bernard and I wish I had that poster!

  • I love the $65 home depot Glendora fan in the first few pics. I’ve bought about 1000000000 of those things :)