Dynamo Stadium Approvals: 2 Down, 1 To Go

DYNAMO STADIUM APPROVALS: 2 DOWN, 1 TO GO Houston’s city council voted this morning to approve the construction of a new stadium on city-owned land in East Downtown for Houston Dynamo soccer and TSU football games. The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority approved its own role in the deal 2 weeks ago: “The next step in the process will be Tuesday at Harris County Commissioners Court when the deal has to be approved by the county. An agreement between the city and the county would allow each governmental body to use $10 million in property tax money for infrastructure improvements around the stadium. The city already has paid $15 million for the land just east of U.S. 59 downtown on a tract bordered by Texas, Walker, Dowling and Hutchins, and the county has agreed to reimburse half that amount. The deal calls for Dynamo owners to pay an estimated $60 million in stadium construction costs.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Why on earth is the city spending money for a stadium for TSU? If we should be doing anything for TSU it should be focused on improving its atrocious academic record. How a stadium located miles from campus will help the school in any way is beyond me. Isn’t Robertson just across the street?

  • I agree with dothi; another question i have is that City Council is spending money on ANOTHER stadium, yet we can’t seem to help with the funding of all the rail lines that the voters approved, something this city needs. I would say, in my opinion, that transportation and traffic issues are paramount to those of the stadium. Maybe I’m crazy. I agree that TSU acadmeic issues are more important than another stadium as well. Mayor Parker – priorities? Ever heard of that word?

  • Did the voters approve spending money on ANOTHER stadium? We had to for all the others. The answer is no, but our money is going for that. We did vote on rail, and we just can’t get that up and running. Unlike Dallas and other major cities, we are stuck with the Bus only option because we can’t seem to promote progress, except with Stadiums.

  • this is great news–happy to see this finally getting passed.

  • The city isn’t spending any money on the stadium. they’re spending it on roads, pipes, and sidewalks. Which is what cities are supposed to spend money on.

  • Nord – I would check the facts again. The city is, indeed, spedning money to help build this stadium.

  • I’m not sure I want to wade in here, really, but I think this is a good deal for the city – AS STADIUM DEALS GO. They are not paying for the construction of the stadium, but they will own the land it’s on and the stadium itself in conjunction with the county. They are paying for infrastructure, which is generally within the realm of what a city does.
    I certainly admit to bias here – I am a season ticket holder and fan of all things soccer – and I believe this stadium will benefit the city. As much as we have enjoyed games at Robertson stadium, that relationship seems tenuous at best, and the Dynamo’s practice facilities at UH are below standard for a professional team. Our attendance records are among the best in MLS, yet we have been slow to find a permanent home for the team. We can argue about whether or not MLS is a “real” professional league, soccer is a “real” sport, and all of that crap – but bottom line, we have a soccer team (a WINNING soccer team) that has a solid and growing fan base in an international city that truly embraces soccer – and that team will now get a venue that will benefit the city’s soccer players and enthusiasts for years to come. And that is GOOD for the City of Houston. In my opinion, of course.