Dynamo Stadium Design No Longer Sketchy

DYNAMO STADIUM DESIGN NO LONGER SKETCHY AEG president Tim Leiweke says the design for the new Dynamo Stadium just east of Downtown is “100 percent complete,” and that at least 2 local companies have expressed interest in naming rights, which he’s eager to sell. “We are pricing the construction out now. We have a pretty good handle on the budget. The project will probably come in including the land at $110 million and the fact that we are sitting here talking about a ground-breaking by the end of the year and playing soccer and football for TSU by June of 2012 is amazing. It has come together quickly in the last few months.” [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Rendering of stadium “conceptual” version: Populous

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  • Does anyone know what they’re asking for naming rights?

  • It’s too bad the Dynamo are kinda sucky this season.

  • I was in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago and drove by the offices of Populous while I was there. Their video/media board out front read:

    We are Populous.

    Maybe it should have said, “We are Pretentious.”

  • It seems like DeRo and Stuart Holden made the team go.. The midfield isn’t what it used to be.. Hope they can get it back again.

  • Careful, we don’t want to turn swamplot into a sports talk bulletin board, do we?

  • So wait, sports talk is bad for Swamplot, but snarkiness and class/political warfare are good? I agree with CB’s assessment about the talent drain from the Dynamo midfield. But at least they aren’t owned by Uncle Drayton, so there is still hope for the future…

  • I love having a local soccer team. It just makes Houston that much cooler.
    But why again couldn’t they be called “1836?”
    So many Mexico natives celebrate May 5th, which means nothing, yet can’t tolerate the thought of Texas’ independence? the state we all live in which is not Spain?
    I’m just asking for clarification…