Dynamo Stadium from Above, 5 Months To Go

From the Austin company that sends those little camera-wielding drones into the East Downtown sky, here are the latest views of construction progress on what you’re now supposed to call BBVA Compass Stadium. Expected completion date: sometime next May.


Photos: Accent Aerial Photography

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  • I noticed yesterday when driving by that they started painting the lower portions orange (the white buildings shown in the photos)…looks great!

  • I hope that at some point, the City recognizes the opportunity presented by the parking lots to the north to redevelop them as structured parking with ground-floor retail below and apartment rentals above. Doing so would make the neighborhood far more cohesive and, I think, spark additional development nearby.

  • @TheNiche:

    Yea. Keep dreaming.

  • Or the City could put up a couple million to put in a Walmart.

  • The view of the two stadiums unfortunately makes it seem like baseball is the important sport (since it’s closer to downtown) and soccer is the second-rate one, that soccer’s on the “other side of the tracks”/freeway from everything else, which can impact ethnic perceptions.

  • Yeah, I know I’m dreaming. I don’t care.

    And Old School…will you PLEASE stop mischaracterizing that 380 Agreement? And seriously, if you want an example of poorly selected City subsidies, there are worse examples to pick from. I don’t understand what it is with you and that Wal-Mart! Why does every thread have to be about Wal-Mart?

  • I actually read in the latest development plans (I believe its the living center study) for Downtown/EADO that if structured parking was built that the parking lots would be developed into some type of mixed use property with ground floor retail with residential above. So it is a possibility that has been discussed.

  • Houston should hire engineers to figure out how to park cars in a perpetual, orange plastic Hot Wheels loop-the-loop.

  • You’re reaching there, Mike.

  • Kickball, like primary school recess.

  • Not reaching, just speculating on what other people might see. If it occurred to me, it will probably occur to some other people.

  • Mike: I can see where you are coming from, but there has been new construction and development all over that neighborhood now for quite a while, and I suspect it will continue (especially when the light rail is complete). The people who have kneejerk opinions like the one you describe will increasingly be seen as reactionary. The city is changing under their feet.

  • i think the location is good; the area to dowling street is becoming part of the downtown zone. i’ve never been to a soccer game, but intend to check out the dynamo, see a few games.

  • Some complaints about BBVA Compass Stadium,
    come to Boston and see how a soccer specific
    stadium gets built – IN ABOUT 30 YEARS!!!