Eatsie Boys Space on Montrose Will Go Crepe

EATSIE BOYS SPACE ON MONTROSE WILL GO CREPE Eatsie Boys, 4100 Montrose Blvd., Montrose, HoustonMelange Creperie will be taking over for the Eatsie Boys at the 1,200-sq.-ft. former Kraftsmen Bakery space in the same ivy-covered Campanile complex that houses the Black Lab at 4100 Montrose Blvd., according to a quartet of local media reports. The Montrose crepe stand raised $52,000 toward a move indoors in a Kickstarter fundraising campaign earlier this year. After its lease on the property ends at the end of this month, Eatsie Boys will continue to operate its food truck, but the team behind it plans to focus on its other venture, the 8th Wonder Brewery. [Culturemap; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Local Sugar

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  • Between the ivy and the tree cover, this is probably the least offensive example of strip-center-with-double-row-of-head-in-parking-in-front in the entire city.

  • What ever happened to Melange setting up in the Montrose HEB? I thought I read some report on that six months ago, and I know I saw a kiosk stuck on the end of their freezer case that said “coming soon.”

  • Melange Creperie the food stand made the best and most interesting crepes I’ve had anywhere. It was kind of perfect as a stand, actually—I don’t even think a table would be very useful for eating one of Buffalo Sean’s crepes; they come wrapped in paper and foil for a reason. But maybe having a real kitchen can relieve some of the long waits that could result when there was a line, but only two burners to make crepes on one-by-one.

    As for Eatsie: meh. The food didn’t suck, but it cost about twice what it should have. The times I ate there, I felt sort of ripped off. Melange Creperie’s stand prices weren’t cheap, but they weren’t crazy high and the quality was great. Let’s hope having having a lease and a kitchen doesn’t mess up a good thing.

  • @Angostura: The ivy and tree cover may have contributed to the failure of Eatsie Boys. I drive by there often and have never noticed it. There’s a reason most strip centers don’t look like bushes.

  • I agree that Eatsie Boys prices were a bit high. I went a couple of times and then didn’t want to pay that much. We regularly use the library, so it’d be great to grab a crepe on the way home.

  • there has always been an undertone of dirty w their places.

  • Ahh, the crepe cycle continues. Before that location was Kraftsmen, it was La Creperie, where I spent many an afternoon and evening.

  • Crepes? Meh.

  • I’ve been in this town a long time and that spot in that strip center seems cursed. So many restaurants tried to make a go of it but none ever last a long time. On the other hand, the Black Labrador at the other end of the strip has lasted a long time.
    Somehow, I think Melange will be announcing their departure from this spot in just a few months, too.

  • ok… i need to do a kickstarter fundraising campaign… i need a new car…….what a fucking scam…..

  • With all the press slobbering around Eatsie Boys I’m surprised they didn’t make it in that spot. It’s in a great location in a walkable area (I’d walk there).
    The food was pretty good. My beef was it seemed too expensive for what I got. But I liked the place and I assumed it had the hipster street cred to stay around.
    I’m glad the crape guy will be moving in but I’ll miss him on my walks past Westheimer and Taft

  • cb, in what way is a Kickstarter campaign a scam? In every Kickstarter I’ve supported, it was clear what the project was that I was paying for. No one held a gun to my head and said contribute.

    Furthermore, in most cases, I was pre-ordering something. In the case of Melange Creperie, I was pre-ordering 10 crepes, to be served at the brick-and-mortar location or at the stand. So the next 10 times I visit Melange Creperie are free.

    Kickstarter is for projects, so they probably wouldn’t allow you to try to get other people to buy you a car. On the other hand, if you wanted to get people to finance your art car, they might go for it. And if people support you in that goal and are willing to put a few bucks behind it, who’s getting scammed?