Eatsie Boys Taking Over Kraftsmen Cafe Space in Montrose

EATSIE BOYS TAKING OVER KRAFTSMEN CAFE SPACE IN MONTROSE The end of the month will mark the end of a 10-year run for the cafe run by Kraftsmen Bakery in the small enclave of eateries carved out of the former Church of Christ building at 4100 Montrose, just north of Richmond. But Eater Houston reports Scott Tycer’s bakery operation plans to keep its Heights cafe and open an additional location within the next few months. Meanwhile, moving into the space next to the Black Lab, beginning in June: the first non-mobile location for the Eatsie Boys. Ryan Soroka and Matt Marcus say they’ll keep their original food truck available for private events, but otherwise will keep it parked outside Agora on Westheimer or their not-yet-opened 8th Wonder Brewery in East Downtown. Their new Montrose cafe will add pastries and coffee to the food truck’s sandwiches-and-ice-cream mix. [Eater Houston] Photo: Emily Duff

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  • Glad to hear this. I’ve always found that Kraftsmen’s food is pretty bland and priced high even for the neighborhood. The Eatsie Boys are savvy businessmen, so hopefully they can execute on this location better than Kraftsmen.

  • Sounds good. Another cool place I can walk to. I always wanted to like Kraftsman but it seemd overpriced to me and I’d rather go to Dirk’s for coffee. I hope Eatsie Boys serves breakfast though, because I used to walk to Kraftsman for breakfast occasionally.

  • Apart from all the beastie boys influence, the dudes should liken their style to pantera — “we’re takin over this town!”

  • I went to Kraftsman the other day and had the worst time. They’d revamped the menu and changed the staff, but instead of feeling fresh it felt like a going out of business sale, so this isn’t much of a surprise. Plus Katz’s Coffee is gross so I’d often get breakfast there and go across the street to Dirk’s for coffee.

  • Is Tycer cursed, or what?

  • I used to love their breakfast tacos, but nothing else was a particularly good deal. Even though they were next door to the library, they never carried kid-sized drinks or pastries… everything was enormous. But the main reason I stopped going there was because it always smelled awful inside.

  • That Kraftsmen location on Montrose was also a terrible one for doing work — very uncomfortable chairs. Nice location though. Hope Eatsie Boys can do something good with it.

  • Last time I went to kraftsmen on Montrose, the food and bread were inedible.

  • This is great news. I’ve never had anything bad from Eastsie Boys and I’ve never gone back to Kraftsmen after the first time. What a great location – maybe the Montrose Branch of the HPL next door will get more love now!

  • Y’all just don’t have long enough memories- Kraftsmen did used to be great- not cheap but everything very flavorful. And then something happened. Whether it was sweet or savory, it all tasted like cardboard.

  • they lasted 10 years….someone must have patronized them….lol

  • Too bad it’s so hard to park there. Love Eatsie Boys and their ice creams.

  • B878: I assume a lot of their customers walk, but in the back there is a huge parking structure (free as, at least black lab, gives you little tokens to use). Or park somewhere close and walk. There is lots of near by street parking (~2 blocks)

  • I too am surprised that Kraftsmen lasted as long as it did. I worked there a few years ago. There wasn’t any real management and I never knew if my paychecks would bounce or not. The people who worked there just seemed interested in turning out product as quickly as they can with no interest in quality… It’s sad, because the menu was great (even if a bit overpriced), and the breads and pastries were some of the best I’ve had in Houston (when they were fresh).