Election Day in the Houston Heights

“Closer inspection,” reports one of 2 readers who sent us photos of these heartwarming signs found on Studewood just north of Fitzgerald’s, “reveals these to be re-purposed campaign signs…Bill White ‘welcomes’ and Jessica Farrar ‘hearts’ Walmart, apparently.” Okay, so what have people been doing with the Rick Perry and Fernando Herrera signs?

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Congratulations Swamplot for finding the one pro-Walmart sign in all of the Heights. But, then again, how do you know this person isn’t excited over the Walmart opening barely 4 miles away at Crosstimbers and I-45?

  • Ahh, 619. My old zipcode. What’s that one all about anyway with respects to this election?

  • zipcode / arecode. No edit button :(

  • Go team walmart…yeah……

  • 619 is the street address…619 studewood(mont?)

  • Yale St. The rest of us just haven’t really felt the need to proclaim our feelings about it loudly at curbside. Of course if one more person plants an anti-Walmart sign outside my home whilst I am at work I may have to rethink that position.

  • Jimbo,
    I think you’re right. That anti-Walmart types (or anti-business types, for that matter) are more vocal than the average Walmart supporter should be self-evident.

  • This particular Walmart location probably would have been very well received 15-20 years ago. The folks who have been pushed out of that area over the years were a lot less pretentious than many of those folks currently living in that whole part of the west end.

    Of course, no big retailer was interested in building on Yale back then. It’s that chicken/egg thing.

  • the don’t care about Wal mart crowd or wanted Wal mart crowed have had to go undercover. that house is near Fitzgeralds, very clever