Emergency Operations Activated for Expected Floods; Southwest Key Begins Investigating Itself; New Acres Homes Mural Honors Bourdain

Photo of Byrne St., Woodland Heights: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Multimillion dollar church expansion
    Nooo!! Should take that money and put it back into the poor black community. I guess people need more rules and regulations. More hatred and intolerance.

  • That Bisnow article by Tierra Smith was really well written, with extensive quotes and numerous examples to support arguments.

  • I get why some real estate, city design buffs might be interested in The Woodlands Waterway logo redesign but the common Houstonian could care less for aesthetics of any kind, so I’m kind of surprised it made it into the Chronicle.

  • It’s going to be amusing 100 years from now when most land is owned by tax-exempt churches run by multimillionaires who promise a better next life for the poor people who give them money so that the multimillionaires can live a dream in this life (a sociopath’s dream, but a dream nonetheless).

  • * an oligarchal socialist’s dream. Fify

  • The opportunity zone program only started in 2018, and the IRS didn’t have rules in place for tax treatment until June. The program may or may not work, but that’s not much time to conclude the program’s had no effect on an area yet.

  • Ed-
    The Chron? Check the “Local” section these days. Apparently for cost-control, numerous articles are about neighborhood life in SAN ANTONIO !?! (Hearst owns the rags in both cities). I’ve lived here all my life and never knew or cared diddly about the burg. However, as a subscriber, I get to pay for….that. Gee, thanks.

    Also: Hearst desperately wants Texas go full-Cali; maybe they’re just consolidating their “blue” assets?
    The Chron DOES NOT editorially represent the majority of Greater Houston – their market- what they aim for is more a cross between a Berkeley and Rio Grande Valley viewpoint. We need a better alternative here.

    Rant over. Point is, maybe we should be grateful they stayed as close as the Woodlands!