Emergency Renovations for an Empty Drug Store at the Edge of White Oak Bayou

1925 E. T.C. Jester Blvd., Shady Acres, Houston

1925 E. T.C. Jester Blvd., Shady Acres, HoustonA reader notes there’s been some construction activity in and around the entrance and rear drive-thru window of the former Eckerd-turned-CVS Pharmacy along the White Oak Bayou Trail at the corner of T.C. Jester and 18th St., on the west coast of Shady Acres. That’s a notable turn of events: The building has been vacant for about 5 years. The standalone structure’s prospective new tenant appears to be another SignatureCare Emergency Center — last week, a note on the website for the local chain of health clinics had listed 1925 E. T.C. Jester Blvd. as the location of its upcoming “Heights” facility, but the address has since been removed.


1925 E. T.C. Jester Blvd., Shady Acres, Houston

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  • Well they didn’t remove it completely…http://imgur.com/MILPovu (Screen capture of front page)

  • Are Urgent Care clinics following the Mattress Firm expansion strategy?

  • Public service announcement: “Urgent Care” is not the same as “Emergency Care” or “Emergency Center”. The latter will cost at least 10x the former. Triage yourself.
    Are you in danger of possibly dying if you don’t get help soon? (Gunshot or other injury with lots of blood, chest pain, can’t breathe, loss of consciousness, compound fracture…) Then go to a place that has “emergency” in the name. They’re all open 24/7.
    Are you suffering from something that you’ve been suffering from for awhile, and you’re getting tired of it? Then go to a walk-in clinic like the Take Care clinics at Walgreens. If they’re not open, then buy yourself something OTC and wait until they’re open. You’ve waited this long; you can wait a little longer.
    Are you suffering from something in between, something that just happened and is painful but won’t kill you, like a sprained wrist or a simple leg fracture or a bug/animal bite? Then go to an urgent care place. These are not open 24/7 and do NOT have the word “emergency” in the name. They can treat a lot of stuff that people go to the ER for but don’t need to: http://www.nextcare.com/plan-your-visit/services/injury/
    Note: If you choose to go to the ER for a non-emergent condition, and you insist upon an ambulance ride, be aware that the ride will cost you more than $1000 and does not get you a free pass to the front of the line.

  • mattress centers, urgent care centers …they’re both hyperinflated products in prosperous neighboorhoods. the urgent cares are blooming prolifically due to the supreme court having handed the insurance cos and all the trickle-down businesses an irs-enforced cash cow.

  • Google Master should accrue some extra points for actually communicating some very useful information. Kudos!

  • The corner of T.C. Jester and 18th St. is the “heights?”

  • This was never a CVS, it closed before being converted.

  • I recommend an ER for those pesky gall-bladder flare-ups. A hospital has ultrasound, CAT scans and the like for accurate diagnostics, or you risk getting sent home with a prescription for purple pills. I’m lookin’ at you, middle-aged Americans, 10-15%, high fat diets and such.

  • I always thought someone should buy this and put a bar/restaurant here. It has great access to the White Oak Hike and Bike trail. I ride by it frequently and always thought with some nice trees, a really cool outdoor patio could be made. Yea, it overlooks a massive concrete lined ditch, but is still something to look at. Unfortunately the apartments down the street block the view of the skyline from this particular spot on the Bayou. So many lost opportunities on Houston’s Bayous…

  • Correct Spirit of 2005, It was never a CVS it was an Eckerd’s a subsidiary of J.C. Penny that was sold to CVS Health.