Empty 19th St. Building Signs Up for a Makeover in Order To Attract Hairy Men

Tune Up: The Manly Salon got the city’s approval yesterday to start renovating the building shown above into the latest member of its barber-shop chain, now roughly 20-stores strong. Following those locations’ lead, the 626 W. 19th St. shop — next to the former Southern Goods — would appeal to guys by offering them free drinks and access to an arcade stocked with video and old-fashioned games while they wait to get groomed. Hair care services include standard cuts, beard trims, straight shaves, and eyebrow waxing. Perhaps less manly are the cosmetic offerings: manicures, pedicures, and a mani-pedi combo for 4 bucks less than the cost of the two combined.

Photo: LoopNet

Making the Cut

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  • “Perhaps less manly are the cosmetic offerings”…..gender stereotyping much?

  • Getting yur eyebrows waxed is not manly… no sir…. Neither is getting yur nails did…

  • Why would it be any less manly to get a manicure?

  • Ed/Jack: I know you’re just trying to be hip but you know the answer to your question. A mani/pedi isn’t something that’s considered to be a traditionally manly thing. Sure it’s not PC to say that today, but don’t act like you don’t realize that’s still a social fact (even if you don’t like it)