Energy on the Upswing; Freedman’s Town’s Potential UNESCO Nomination; ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Come to Town

Photo of Critical Mass on Allen Pkwy.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • There isn’t enough left of Freeman’s Town to make the cut and it really doesn’t qualify for the UNESCO designation anyway. In addition, trump announcing he is pulling the US out of UNESCO can’t help no matter which way you might fall.

  • Freedman’s Town – I live in San Antonio and when Trump pulled funding for UNESCO, it was news due to the fact that the Alamo and missions are a UNESCO heritage site. The article didn’t even mention the funding cut off? and it hasn’t even been applied for? Good luck

  • I am more concerned with Freedman’s Town becoming a safe area for people to live. The gang/drug activity and guns going off at all hours of the day should cause more concern for our city than some historical designation.