Entire Building Now Serving as Texas Direct Auto Billboard Downtown

1301 Leeland St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

1301 Leeland St., Downtown, Houston, 77002From a largely-barren expanse of surface lot west of Toyota Center, a reader sends a few fresh images snapped during a street-level fly-by of the 1930s office building at the corner of Leeland and Caroline streets, where Texas Direct Auto has recently taken up both residence and a new advertising tack. Following in the wake of a previous foray into Downtown real-estate-billboard crossover, the company’s newest mural encompasses 3 of the 4 sides of the building (including the dog in an astronaut suit on the side opposite Leeland). Painting started in January, and a we’re-done-now party was thrown in early April. 

As was the case for the company’s red-tagged Main St. doggie-in-the-window signage, the newer mural incorporates some of the structure’s actual windows into the design — this time as a set of questionable-utility solar panel arrays on an artificial astronaut habitat:


1301 Leeland St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Here’s what the building looked like before the paint job, per one of the many leasing listings accumulated over the past decade:

1301 Leeland St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Photos: Swamplot inbox (mural), LoopNet (previous listing photo)

Leeland at Caroline

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  • I may be a bit old-fashioned but I like my commercial buildings to look like a place of commerce – rather than the entry to the circus.

  • @Major Market – Houston has no shortage of commercial buildings that present a barren facade to mirror the soulless grind of capitalism that take place within.
    One technicolor space circus won’t kill us. I like it, advertising aside.

  • This is awesome! I so prefer this over billboards.