Ernie’s on Banks Closes, Will Reopen Soon Without Apostrophes

ERNIE’S ON BANKS CLOSES, WILL REOPEN SOON WITHOUT APOSTROPHES Big Star Bar owner Brad Moore, former Beaver’s bartender Ryan Rouse, and a crew of bartending partners have bought Ernie’s on Banks in the Museum District and shut it down. But they plan on reopening the bar at 1010 Banks St. across from Bell Park later this month as “a little two-story neighborhood bar…and then some,” Moore tells the Houston Press‘s Katharine Shilcutt. Moore says he wants to “[keep] the vibe as casual as possible.” One new feature: a large grill on the back patio, tended by a “rotating roster of guest cooks.” But the Ernie’s name is gone: We actually don’t have a name yet. Nothing with an apostrophe-s. We’re not into those names.” [Eating Our Words] Photo: Citysearch

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  • Yay! That’s always been such a great location, but Ernie’s was lame and “decor” was really ugly for such a pretty old Montrose house…tho now that I think about it, Big Star Bar could use some, ahem, sprucing up. Everytime I’m in that space out back at Big Star I have serious urges to redecorate it…

  • Great. I will be a regular! I was wondering what was up when we stopped by Ernie’s on Sunday and there was butcher paper covering the windows and a sign that said “Closed until Thursday p.m.” But Thursday came and the paper was still on the windows. I’m grateful these guys are willing to invest in this little gem.

  • Rick made a lot of great changes to the place from when he took it over, I’m a bit surprised it’s being shuttered. The new patio was awesome and it finally got some serious tv’s for watching sports. The new food was also good and reasonably priced.

    The remodeling by the new owners will need to be extensive tho, it was always kinda musty to some degree. The last time the place got remodeled must have been 15 years ago and looks like someone’s neighbor’s brother-in-law had done it for the price of materials and a few cases of beer.

    One thing I must say about Rick Haas: After Ike hit, the whole neighborhood was without power for a week(and some blocks nearly two weeks). Ernie’s was open for business altho just running off a generator for fans and a few lights. Beer was iced down in coolers and the grill was going with charcoal. It was a place to relax from the stress, check in with friends, have something hot to eat not out of a can or wrapper and throw back a few cold beers. Everyone there got to know either new people or people they’d not really known well before. On top of all this, Rick and Leslie didn’t ask anyone for a penny! If you could bring some gasoline for the generator, it was greatly appreciated. If you insisted on paying, they just said put it on a tab and pay on your honor when things were back to “normal”.

    Goodbye Ernie’s.

  • If they plan on hosting any more World Cup viewing parties, they need to beef up the structure of the second floor. The was some sickening deflection going on whenever large portions of the crowd jumped in unison last Saturday.

  • Go Brad! I remember that place when it was Blue Moon, the great jazz club in the 80’s. Never got into the vibe at Ernie’s. Love Big Star though. Should be an interesting new venue.

  • Great, more poseurs.

  • Awesome! Brad was always my favorite Rudz bartender, and I always felt bad about not patronizing Big Star (I pretty much don’t drink outside of Montrose)–I will *definitely* be scoping this out!

  • Anyone know if there is an estimated date of opening yet?