Esperson Buildings Up for Grabs; Astrodome Project Moves Forward

Photo of Row on 25th: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Add this to the list of misinformation Zillow puts out there. Their “zestimates” are a joke.

  • Re CultureMap Zillow article: I’m confused by the math and/or the spin. Headline says: “Red-hot Houston bucks this nationwide real estate trend”, but article says Houston’s housing inventory is up 9% from last year and time on the market is 23 days longer than the national average. Don’t big inventory and slow sales indicate blue-cold instead of red-hot?

  • “Contradictory data” Hmmm, shall we all believe a stooge for an organization that has consistently misrepresented home sales data for decades because the size of their paycheck depends on it?

    What I see is a moderate price pullback from overzealous sellers who lost sense of reality and overlisted their properties.