Expanding League City; Texas a Top Green Builder


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That picture has me ready to move back to Houston today! Wow!

  • We all had a good chuckle when old man Spence listed his house in the Woodlands for $19mln, it was so ridiculous of a price. The rumor around the club is that he spent around $10mln building the dang thing.

    Trump 2016, There Will Be Hell Toupée

  • That bit about Pulte is old news, but typical of the Barnacle’s news desk. Pulte reported earnings last month, and like many home builders they have seen new order volume stagnate. The problem of course is that the prices for new homes are too high. Stagnant income growth with rampant home price increases the last few years is now causing some indigestion for major home builders.
    Pin Oak Enclave by Pulte is just one example of the ridiculously optimistic projects that builders broke ground on in recent years trying to ride the wave of the shale “miracle”.

  • lol @ spring water from pasadena

  • @spiteful – I agree. Bottled water is a waste of money and resources, and almost always comes from commercial water well or a municipal water supply. Sparklett’s has a plant in Old Katy that draws from a water well in the same aquifer as City of Katy tap water.

    I’m sitting here sipping on an Ozarka bottle (provided for free in the company’s break room fridge). Label says “Remarkable quality / and distinct taste / because it’s naturally / filtered by the earth. BORN BETTER” No shit – it’s from a water well.

  • @ Superdave. As I recall, one of the Ozarka bottling plants is actually connected to the City of Houston municipal water supply. And Nestle has a bottling plant in Deer Park. I’m not knocking it though…if you’re going to buy a containerized potable liquid, why not water? And there are worse things than nearby municipal sources…I mean hell, natural groundwater often doesn’t come close to meeting water safety guidelines. Massive swaths of northern India have natural flouride contamination. Some natural sources have problems with radioactivity. I’ve even found springs before that were so contaminated with copper ions that droplets would re-ignite as green and blue flames in a campfire.