Extraterrestrials Bearing Tacos To Invade Former Los Amigos Ice House in Eastwood

Invasion Ice House, 823 Dumble St., Eastwood, Houston, 77023

A little green man in a flying saucer heralds the looming takeover of the former Los Amigos space at 823 Dumble St. (at the corner with McKinney, a few blocks west of S. Lockwood Dr.). Los Amigos is prepping to be reborn as Invasion Ice House — a tipster tells Swamplot that the new owner wants to make the space into the “cool neighborhood hangout” that the area “desperately needs”. The 1,300-sq.-ft. building, formerly violet (and even-more-formerly lemon-yellow), has been repainted a dusty blue behind the sci-fi mural now adorning the front.

Invasion manager Monique Ramos applied for a TABC beer and wine license last month; a closer look at the signs posted on the space indicates that the interplanetary colonists will bring along Tex-Mex provender in the form of the Tako Box food truck.

Photo of 823 Dumble St.: Swamplot inbox


Cosmic Facelifts

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  • I knew that the day that the friendly and seductive face of the woman on Los Amigos was erased would be the day that the transformation of the East End to a hipster haven had become official. Which is not a negative commentary on it, but Invasion Ice House is a fitting name.

  • As Dana-X said, living in the area and seeing that building on a regular basis, I knew it was just a matter of time – I even would go so far to say that I wanted to be the one to do it – with no real know how, just knew it was a perfect location for it.

  • I just hope they cater to the local residents as well. The residents want something they can connect to. Im not sure that this place will do it. Gentrififcation is taking over the neighborhood and the residents have said they are not going down without a fight. They will not have what happened on washington and Fourth Ward happen to the East End and Second Ward. I hope the new owners are aware of that. I think theyshould reach out to local residents and invite them to come by when they open up. Its ony right .

  • Yes! Finally! I love love love living in the East End and am happy to have another local new business to support. With Moontower, Voodoo, Around the Corner and now this, its a great thing! D&W is simply wonderful but i am glad to add another place to drink a beer to the list!

  • @Elizabeth
    I’m a local. Why do you think they might not cater to locals? Tacos and beer? They’re not opening a wine and cheese bar, are they? Maybe Eastwood residents are vampires and only drink blood? I dunno. This is what I can’t stand: opposition to anything new for the sake of opposition to anything new. The locals are not “going down without a fight”? The invitation to local residents will be a sign outside that says “OPEN”. What is there is to fight about this? By the way, the minimum lot size petition results in parts of Eastwood have not been made official yet but I’ve heard that, if it even passes, it won’t be by much. So where’s the fight you speak of?

  • The East End NEEDS alien invaders!!!

  • To chime in on the gentrification debate, the area (like probably about 80% of Houston) needs new investment and better retail services. Eastwood has homes with roofs that are literally caving in. Selling them to younger families who can fix them up and preserve them as Craftsmen homes is a good thing. Otherwise neighborhoods and cities die. In fact, new investment can be used to help fund more affordable housing. Also, everybody would benefit from more retail over there and the only way to do that, I think, is to show retailers that there is a growing population there or a growing amount of dollars in the zip codes. The Kroger (where I go sometimes) is lame and pathetic.. I’d much prefer to shop at a La Michoacana would be fantastic, but the nearest ones are in the Heights or in Wayside.

  • We live around the corner from this, and the new owner is actually our neighbor. Great to see something cool added to the neighborhood, and added by a longtime resident, too.

  • Nice, they actually went east of Lockwood. Sooooo few people willing to take that risk these days and there is a serious lack of diversity in restaurants over there. Just Cutthroat really, which btw is opening a cafe sometime this month right next door, and has some kind of Domy Books like place in the back.

  • this is great – I couldn’t agree more with Lykos and Inka Waves. Looking forward to supporting a new business in the neighborhood. I don’t know the owner, but I am thrilled to hear that it’s a local resident.

  • Hello, east end neighbors I’m the proud wife and sis n law to the owners of Invasion Ice House. I can tell you guys that we are definitely going to be the coolest hang out in the East End. Just a place to come hang out eat delicious street tacos and feel like family . We are almost ready , we have been working very hard, since this has been a family project only.
    You guys will be satisfied . Well definitely keep everyone updated on the opening date. We are excited to welcome all of you .

  • I am monique the proud new owner of Invasion ice house along with my brother Marco. We appreciate all the love and positive vibes coming from our community. We are locals keeping our business local. We grew up in east end and are proud to say we still recide in that same area we call home. We are deeply humbled to be apart of what we hope will be a peice of east end history. This new endeavor we have choosen to take on is for our community. A place where you can go and feel like you havent left home. Smiling faces greeting you and giving you the best service possible. We are proud to say we are INVADING EAST END! Community please feel free to stop by and check out the new and remodeled building. Once again thank you all for the support and kind words it really means alot to us. INVASION ICE HOUSE is only the tip of the ice berg. We will also have a food truck “Tako Box” located on the same premesis offering great street food with a blast of taste. Stay tuned my community great things are coming your way!

  • Another hipster place great…. This place is one of them joints where has numerous violations with the city of Houston by doing repairs and additions without required permits….. This place will have so many problems with next door neighbors,from parking and noise violations. Just wait to they post up their TABC sign and see how many complaints they will get.. Good luck… Just something EDO DOES NOT NEED……….

  • @Cat
    EDO. Now that’s funny. I’m certain you have no idea where this place is or have even driven east of 59 or 45.

  • Glad the new owners are trying something new but don’t make us look bad by not getting your proper permits, we don’t need bad publicity as raza. Do the right thing guys, que les cuesta?

  • Why such an ugly decore on The front of The building? Got rid of the old ugly sore eye to replace it with another bad one. I have to look at that everytime I pass by going over to my grandparents house??!! Great!

  • @Lykos and Cat,

    Edo — well, we don’t call it that anymore — is pretty far east of here, but you’d fly west to get there faster.

  • Hello, there guys we are currently taking a little longer to open just because we are doing everything by the books. Getting all the required permits and all. No need for a tabc sign to be put up since there has been a beer license there before. No complaints on loud music should be done since we won’t be bagging anything that is louder than your own voice. Thank you for all of your support . Ramos Duo