Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Meets Extreme Mud: Houston Edition

Note: Story updated below.

HHN Homes manager Linda Stewart tells Swamplot the construction crew building the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home for the Johnson family on Goodhope St. in South Union is running about 10 hours behind schedule — and still “desperately” needs framers and workers from the “cornice trades” (to complete exterior trim work).

Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia watched workers slip and slide on the muddy site and rain-slick materials earlier today, and snapped a few pix of the scene. “It is REALLY wet out there,” she reports:


Update: Looks like things cleared up a bit by the afternoon. More pix from Candace Garcia, from later in the day:

Photos: Candace Garcia

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  • I am so glad that Ms. Garcia is such a trooper!

    Hooray to her for getting out there in the muck to keep us informed about the “makeover” process.

    I would have thought that there would be more local news coverage over on Goodhope but so far I’ve not seen much.

  • They are building a turret on it.

  • i understand that safety regulations are lax and/or nonexistent in the housing industry but those people standing on beams/heights without safety harnesses would be kicked off the job in the oil and gas biz. people underneath that manlift is questionable too

    it’d be nice and safer to see other industries held to the same standards as oil and gas.

  • I know nothing about construction, but will there be any problems with sealing up the house so quickly after all the rain?

  • What are you saying??

    Not the dreaded M word……

  • It might look like a turret from the outside, but the show’s producers will call it a “tower of excitement” or “circular funway” replete with rockwalls and zip lines to the downstairs half bath.

  • A turret. What do you know. In a perfect world, the Johnson would grab the kids and as they headed out the door ask if they look like Tuscan Turret Trash…

  • It’s too bad that the show focuses so much on over the top housing and the glam factor – seems like they could do a lot better with a lot less..

    I wish all the best for the family and I hope they get a subsidy from the show for taxes and utilities (and to pay off their delinquent taxes for the property).

  • Well I was out there last night and was turned away by a lady that said she was with Hhn Homes…Might I add that I was also asked to get off the shuttle bus because same lady said that the bus was only for volunteers only and that no one was allowed to even watch..Witch I tried to do for 3 days now…( Volunteer,) They cry for help and then they run you off..There was around 40 people sent away..Well I barely had gas and wanted to help.Got baby sitters and all..Not very good at all…

  • I am 14 years old. I live in Archibald, La and mine and my families double wide trailer burnt down to the ground yesterday. My brother is 16 and just finished a milotary camp in Minden sponsored by the nation gaurd. My Step- Dad works 3 jobs. Works for the local Detention Center, DJ’s, and drives a School bus before and after work. My mom is a crop insurance adjuster. We start school in a week and we have absolutely nothing!!! The fire started in our laundry room and spread FAST! We DESPERATLY need HELP!!!!! We are all putting forth towards our family doing all we can!!!! And it’s not enough! I have pictures of our house but no videos because i want to suprise my family and give them hope!!! PLEASE respond to me!!!! I need help!!!!! :(

  • On the morning of July 27th, I came to the site as a volunteer. I had been there for 10 minutes and slipped on the thick mud and crushed my ankle. I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance and eventually had surgery to put my ankle back together. It has been two months since the accident and my doctor did not allow me to put any weight on my foot until three days ago. Now I have a month or more of physical therapy to look forward to. Extreme Makeover requires that all volunteers sign waivers that indemnify the show in the event that you get hurt. I understand that, but it seems like they should have taken some precautions in trying to at least keep the site safe. The mud was so thick and slick that it was almost impossible to keep from slipping and falling. I still have a long way to go until I finally get back to new. I found it interesting that no one from the show ever followed up to determine how seriously I had been hurt. Hmm!