Extremely Large Pool by Lake Livingston Features 15-Car Garage, 180K Gallons of Water, 60 Palm Trees, $3M Price Tag



Lake Livingston laps near the lazy river meandering within a whopper-scaled waterfront pool (top) at a 2006 property that also boasts a “barndominium” (above) with its own 15-car garage, a pool house, a boat house, but no house house. Does it matter? The existing structures come with kitchens and bedrooms, and there are 6 acres of grounds to tend. Price? $2.995 million. That’s down from the $3.4 million asked in previous listings back in 2013 and 2012.

Ready for a flyover?



From the air, the built assemblage becomes clear. There’s about 600 ft. of bulkhead shoring up the lakefront.



The green-roofed barndominium (near center in the above photo) lies near the gated entry (below) off a lane serving the large homes along the point and accessed from FM 3277’s “Scenic Loop.” Meanwhile, the lot next door is readying for a barndominium of its own (also above).


Mature trees, landscaping, and manicured lawn line the driveway, which passes a well-lit (but camera-shy) 50-ft. waterfall:


In passing, the palatial barndominium with wraparound porch looks downright homey:


particularly if you’re a vehicle:


Attached quarters don’t exactly rough it. There’s a kitchen with bar-height seating . . .


and 2 bedrooms, one of which features a vaulted ceiling and makes the listing photos:


Closer to the water, the stone clad pool house with flagstone patio offers R&R options inside and out. A rocker-friendly porch, for example, warms up with a fireplace (and grill):


Informal living spaces in the pool house, meanwhile, share a view of the waterscape:


Some of the landscaping appears to have migrated indoors as well:



Upstairs in the pool house, there’s a media room:


It’s the poolscape that clinches the resort-like vibe. Two islands, a waterslide, a jetted “river” of 225 ft., and a fire pit populate the heated, 4,000-sq.-ft. amenity, which takes 180,000 gallons of water.


Bridges provide some shortcuts to and through the playground:


The 60 palm trees lounging by the pool form a tropical oasis, but elsewhere on the grounds, landscaping leans more toward country retreat:


And if that doesn’t work, there’s the lake itself. Pine Island is in view across the waves.


And a House, Someday

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  • I’d say the pool is awesome. The effect of ocean-front/beach property is very real in the pics! Great party place!