Fairmont Museum District Adding Phase II, Filling Up That Gap On Richmond

Renderings aren’t ready to be released, says Assistant Manager Lindsay Fouchee, but under-construction Phase II of the Fairmont Museum District at Richmond and Dunlavy will have more units and more amenities. (The photo directly above shows the excavation of what will be the parking garage.) The 4-story, 210,933-sq.-ft.√ā¬†apartments back up to the dog run and baseball diamond at Ervan Chew Park and U.S. 59. Phase I was completed in 2007; Fouchee expects Phase II to be done within 14 months.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • This is great. That lot has sat vacant and hopefully combined with the development at Graustark will spur additional restaurants and businesses in the area; as well as “filter up” some of the lower quality apartments up and down Richmond, W Main, etc. Having lived at FMD, I can also say that the management (Lindsay) is quite professional and responsive. The silly branding as “Museum District” did bother me, though.

  • Hopefully Part II is > Part I. I am not a fan of any of the new(ish) boxy apartments being thrown up all over town, but this one is particularly fugly.

  • Doofus: “Unfortunately”, if you will, so long as they see the same unlimited demand at close to $2/SF rent, they’re not going to change. The people that are renting them like them and that’s who they’re building for.
    As soon as the boxy style you find fugly falls out of vogue, they’ll keep being built.
    (I’m not saying I disagree with you and your feelings about the style. There are always things that I’d like to see personally different with these places. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to build something of this scale and do it how I’d want it)

  • Museum district? Isn’t that technically Montrose? Is their a defined boundaries for the Museum District or does it include anything within a mile of a museum? I’m not referring to Museum Park Neighborhood.

  • Not sure what technically is the “museum district” vs. plain old Montrose, but I’ll give them a pass here because it’s just a few blocks from here to the Menil.

  • Fairmont put too much shade on the dog park next door so that it never dryed out after a rain. We quit going.

  • Miss_msry – the length of the dog park runs East to West, so it is impossible that a building on the North side of the dog park would cause SHADE. I take my dog to the park – the TREES are causing the shade. And also, if the City of Houston would keep up with the wood chips, there would not be a problem.

    And as far as calling the building FUGLY – you obviously have not been INSIDE. I have lived at the Fairmont Apartments for 3 and half years and plan to move into the the new building as soon as it opens.

  • This is definitely Montrose, not the museum district, but I think the world still spins…my only hope from this apartment explosion in the area is some hope of fixing up Richmond. The road is a total hell east of Kirby and west of spur-527. We pay just as high as taxes as they do in Upper Kirby but the roads in Montrose are a nightmare. Yeah the sidewalks are just as bad, but as in a lot of cities its up to private citizens to maintain them. I’ll still take the cool shade of a 70 year old oak tree turning the sidewalk into a time-lapsed explosion of ankle snapping beauty.

    I guess to clean up Richmond avenue we have to wait until 2025 when the light rail is installed or the city cancelling the whole dig all together (presumably never) — whichever comes first.

    Would it be considered illegal for private citizens to at least pave about 100 feet of westbound area of Richmond right after passing under spur-527 ?? I think if 100 of us agreed to put 100 bucks we could throw down some asphalt over the axle snapping gauntlet of hell I pummel through 4 times a day.

    Anise my love, I know you live in the area and probably have to hit that cow-grate of a road too. It’s time to abuse a little power and pull some strings!

  • I have lived in this neighborhood on and off for five + years and see nothing but improvement with this addition. I am not a fan of non descript buildings and Fairmont I at least tried to add some nice architectual exterior finishes to at least pretend to blend into the existing area. Doofus, what is your example of “not fugly”.