Symbolic Brewing Chaser Now Planned Across the Street from Farmer Brothers Navigation Coffee Plant

One keenly observant HAIFer who’s been watching for signs of change at 5521 Navigation Blvd. has now pieced together what’s happening there: it’s planned to house a new beer venue dubbed Symbolic Brewing. Renovations haven’t begun yet on the empty brick warehouse — shown see-through from its east side in the photo above — but according to a recent Facebook post from the business, brewers are now in talks with contractors about what to do with the place.

The building sits on narrow, just-under-an-acre plot that fronts Navigation — as shown in the photo at top — and backs up to a rail line running along the southern oxbow in Buffalo Bayou dubbed Turkey Bend. Roughly five times its size is the Farmer Brothers coffee plant across the street, where production emits strong notes of java.

Photos: Swamplox inbox

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  • They won’t literally brew beer there. It’s more abstract than that. It’s brewing as a metaphor for existence, figuratively speaking.

  • I really hope whoever buys this building does some good with and takes real good care of it this building was owned for years to my grandparents it was a family owned value company VTI Inc.lots of great memories!!!!