Feast: Going Whole Hog on Lower Westheimer

Interior of Feast, 219 Westheimer Rd., Montrose, Houston

Anonymouseater, writing in the Food in Houston blog, begins discussion of a brand-new restaurant on Lower Westheimer with this caution:

Warning: This post contains material for an adult audience. Children, sensitive readers, and vegetarians should read no further. They also should not go to one of my new favorite Houston restaurants called “Feast.”

Anonymouseater is wrong about the vegetarian part. The proprietors of Feast claim to serve “great vegetarian food.” For example, in today’s lunch menu, “Roasted Vegetable Salad with Chickpeas and Homemade Yoghurt Cheese” is listed next to . . . “Tongue and Testicles in Green Sauce.”

And just above the “Lamb’s Tongues, Bacon, Rutabaga and Swiss Chard” is “Thyme Braised Lentils with Balsamic Tomato Salad.” So you see, Feast offers fine dining for every taste!

But really, why all the strange animal parts?

Real carnivores eat meat from the whole animal.

Oh. Feast’s home at 219 Westheimer is the former location of Chez George. Notes another reviewer, at Tasty Bits:

A few months ago it was a charming old house with creaky floors and ancient diners in suits eating continental food. Walk into Feast today you might think you’re in a neighborhood diner on Notting Hill. The space looks more open and full of light. Where a place like Ristorante Cavour feels like a facsimile created by an interior designer, Feast with it’s dark woods, family photos and subtle touches throughout the restaurant make it feel as if someone actually lives there. It’s a great place to eat.

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So . . . how were they?

The tongue and testicles tasted far better than I expected. I have had tongue in taquerias, but this one was less greasy, more firmly textured, and more tasty. As organ meats go, tongue is relatively healthy, with only a bit more cholesterol than ordinary meat, plus all the extra vitamins.

I had never tried testicles. After searching the internet, I simply cannot find their nutritional content. They were firmer than I expected, and chewy. But the flavor was not as strong as many organ meats. They tasted a bit like dense meat balls. I just don’t know what is inside them — well at least not from the standpoint of nutrition.

Photo of Feast interior: Flickr user mgovshteyn

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  • This place is amazing! We avoided all the exotic meats, and actually liked the vegetarian dishes the best: Carrot, ginger & cilantro soup, also a Leek and Welsh Rarebit entree.
    On second thought: was that soup vegetarian?