Ferris Wheel Makes Winter Migration from the Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium Ferris Wheel, 410 Bagby St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

As of rush hour yesterday, a reader tells Swamplot, the Downtown Aquarium’s Ferris wheel at 410 Bagby St. was missing something — namely, the whole wheel bit. Workers were observed dismantling the spokes earlier in the day at the freeway-side restaurant-tainment complex. According to the restaurant’s website, the wheel is out for winter maintenance and won’t be spinning again until March 1st.

From Memorial Dr. headed west under I-45, here’s an evening snapshot of the newly unemployed support posts:


Downtown Aquarium Ferris Wheel, 410 Bagby St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Landry’s is currently tinkering with plans to expand the Aquarium across Preston St. to a City-owned half-acre lot that the corporation leases; the venue is angling for permission to periodically close down the street between the two blocks. The watch-and-eat fish venue currently sits on City-owned land as well, in the 1968 home of Fire Station No. 1 and a former Central Waterworks building.

Photos: Shana W. (in-place wheel), Swamplot inbox (absent wheel)

Bagby at Buffalo Bayou

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  • I imagined it had disengaged from its base and started smashing cars and we could say “bad wheel!” and send it out to live on a farm. Alas, it’s just being made stronger.

  • Why the city subsidizes this sysco truck garbage I’ll never know, but I do like the look of the wheel at night.

  • The new LED lights look so cool at night!