Filling Commercial Space by the Square Foot

FILLING COMMERCIAL SPACE BY THE SQUARE FOOT A new website launched by a Houston startup aims to simplify the complicated process of leasing and setting up shop in a new office, warehouse, restaurant, or retail space. Kicked off this month with about 1,500 Houston property listings from about a dozen local and national brokers, The Square Foot is targeted at small and medium businesses that have never leased commercial property before. After steering customers to properties that match their criteria, the site intends to smooth out the process of finding helping tenants find furniture, IT services, movers, and related services as well. Co-founder Justin Lee tells Swamplot the site is focusing on Houston for now, but hopes to expand coverage to Texas’s other major cities by the end of the year.

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  • Just taking a quick look, it appears that the vast majority of listings don’t give a list price which renders the search function mostly useless.

  • this seems pretty cool and would have been helpful when I was looking at space for our firm. It looks most of the office space listings have pricing.

  • Where is the data pulled from? Is it something they manually have to put in from places like HAR/loopnet or do they pull from them and others or?
    And wow, I searched Montrose. Any price, any type of place, any size, zero results :( Sounds like the results when I’m trying to buy something as well ;)

  • How is this different from HAR’s commercial real estate division? And after reading the About Us section of their site, it seems only one of the co-founders actually has a real estate license. Is that even legal? I mean seriously… can anyone there other than that one guy offer you real estate advice? Sounds like a law suit waiting to happen.

  • MLB: “how is it different from…” was my question. Depends on where the data comes from. If it’s only coming from HAR, then it’s not different, it’s just presented differently.
    Regarding the ‘about us’… If they’re just offering up data, that’s not giving anyone real estate advice. But either way, you don’t need to have a RE license to give someone real estate advice. Hell, the guy behind the deli counter tries to give me real estate advice all the time :)